Emergency Response Planning

What is an Emergency Response Plan?

An Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is a written document outlining the efficient deployment and coordination of services, agencies, and personnel in order to provide effective response to an emergency. Federal and provincial legislation dictates that all companies must develop emergency response plans for their operations. Emergency response plans should be site-specific and take into consideration all foreseeable emergency scenarios and the response procedures for both field and corporate-level staff.

How can Irwin’s help develop and implement an Emergency Response Plan?

Irwin’s will work with your team to draft your company ERP and customize it to the size, scope, and regional requirements of your business operations. We can also:


  • Provide equipment, materials, and support staff (i.e. rescue, first aid, fire suppression, etc.)
  • Conduct corporate sitdowns regarding the evolving nature of your ERP
  • Lead your team through several types of emergency exercises up to and including full-scale emergency drills encompassing all aspects of company operations

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