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Are you looking to staff a turnaround, hire labourers for a construction project, or need spark watch for a hot work task? Irwin's Safety recognizes that every contractor’s needs are unique. That's why we offer a broad spectrum of skilled labourers to meet all your industrial staffing requirements. Our non-union workers are locally sourced and trained, ensuring they are readily available on short notice and provide a cost-effective alternative to larger labour organizations.


How Does Irwin's Safety Stand Out?

  • Commitment to Safety: At Irwin's Safety, we prioritize the safety of our employees. We enforce safety regulations and provide comprehensive training to ensure safe operations.

  • Extensive Training Programs: Our workers undergo extensive training in various subjects, which cover safety procedures, equipment maintenance, and emergency response. That way they are certified in multiple fields, allowing them to not only participate in a variety of jobs on site, but also to address immediate risks using their diverse skillset, minimizing harm to selves and others. 

  • Commitment to Efficiency: We have a database of 1000+ available ready-to-work employees in various locations across Canada. That way we can efficiently respond to client's immediate needs, ensuring no downtime.



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