Dedicated Evacuation Platform (DEP)

Available for Purchase or Rental

A Dedicated Evacuation Platform (DEP) is a robust, box-shaped steel construction designed to facilitate the transportation of rescuers and evacuees. Engineered to be hoisted by a crane, it provides critical access to elevated work zones that are otherwise difficult to reach. As an indispensable tool for high-rise construction sites and similar elevated work environments, DEPs play a vital role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of rescue operations.
Our DEPs have a lightweight design with a collapsible canopy that makes them easy to transport and use on-site. They are WorkSafe BC-certified and compliant with all WCB requirements.
Enhanced Safety in Elevated Work Areas
Rescue Efficiency & Speed
Compliance with Safety Regulations
All IRWIN'S DEP's come equipped with:
1 Stretcher
1 Spine Board
Stretcher Straps
2 6ft Shock Lanyards
2 Single D-Harnesses
4-leg cable sling with shackles
Crane Block Cable
3 Emergency Blankets
Procedures for using DEP