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Comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Services in Regina

Workplace injuries and illnesses can happen anytime, anywhere. However, many are preventable with proper occupational health and safety (OHS) practices. At Irwin's Safety, we provide various OHS services to help companies protect their most valuable asset - their workers.

We help companies develop comprehensive OHS programs that align with Canadian Standards Association guidelines and meet Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) legislation.

Safety consulting in Regina

Workplace Hazards Putting Workers at Risk

Workplaces can present many hazards that put workers' safety and health at risk. These dangers include:

  • Hazardous materials and chemical exposures
  • Slip, trip, and fall hazards
  • Unguarded machinery
  • Excessive noise levels
  • Stress and overwork

Without proper safety practices and personal protective equipment, workers can suffer from:

  • Acute injuries from workplace accidents
  • Cumulative trauma from repetitive tasks
  • Occupational illnesses from chemical exposures
  • Mental health issues from workplace stress

This results in suffering, lost productivity, higher insurance costs, fines for companies and many other negative impacts.

Full-Service OHS Support

With a team of certified safety professionals in Regina, Irwin’s Safety delivers:

OHS Consulting Services

From safety program development to safe work procedures to contractor safety – our consultants help strengthen safety practices and workplace health of your organization 

Turnaround and Outage Support in Regina

We ensure short-term shutdowns and complex repairs are completed safely through specialized planning, supervision, training and auditing.

Technical Rescue Services - Emergency Management

Should the worst occur, we offer emergency response services such as rope, confined space, and high-angle rescue so your team is never left alone during an emergency.

Safety Training Programs

We provide various in-class and online safety training courses in Regina. From Fall Protection to Rescue Technician courses, we have your workers covered for any health hazard safety-related topic

The Benefit: Safe, Healthy, and Fit for Duty Employees

By leveraging Irwin’s Safety’s OHS expertise rooted right here in the local community, you can achieve:

  • Drastically reduced workplace incident rates
  • A preventative safety culture where employees actively help identify and mitigate risks
  • Heightened staff productivity unhindered by health concerns or injuries
  • Reduced insurance costs and avoidance of OHS violation fines
  • Most importantly: protection of every employee so they go home safe at the end of each day

Connect with Regina's Preferred OHS Partner

Don’t wait for a workplace accident, injury or unforeseen safety audit to urgently address gaps. Partner with Irwin’s Safety proactively today to ensure your Regina operation provides a safe and healthy work environment.

With our full suite of customizable OHS services, Irwin's Safety has you covered. Get in touch today to discuss your unique needs! Safety matters.

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Turnaround Support Keeping Regina's Communities Safe

Industrial facilities like oil refineries in Regina require scheduled maintenance to keep operations running smoothly. These annual turnaround maintenance periods allow crews to conduct inspections, repairs, and updates to ensure safe, reliable production. However, the increased activity also introduces additional safety risks to workers and surrounding communities.

The Dangers of Turnaround Periods

Turnarounds require bringing in many additional workers and contractors to complete a high volume of tasks in a short timeframe. This hurried pace can lead crews to take risky shortcuts or make mistakes if safety protocols aren't strictly enforced.

Furthermore, the equipment being worked on contains hazardous materials, flammable chemicals, high pressure systems, and extremely hot surfaces. Any leaks or accidents during the turnaround could endanger both workers and Downtown Regina residents.

All-Encompassing Turnaround Services

Irwin's Safety recognizes the focus of turnaround is efficiency. However, the safety of the workers and community should remain the top priority. That's why we develop detailed planning and provide experienced safety experts to oversee all turnaround operations.

A Strict Adherence to Safety Protocols

Our safety staffing approach involves bringing in specially trained personnel to monitor work and enforce Community Guidelines established specifically for the turnaround. Crews must complete each task by the book, no exceptions. This Commitment to Safety minimizes the risks introduced by the additional workers and hurried pace.

Around-the-Clock Safety Monitoring

Irwin's Safety safety experts actively monitor all turnaround activities 24/7 for the duration of turnaround. We ensure sufficient coverage to keep an eye on multiple work fronts, stopping any unsafe behaviors immediately. This allows crews to work efficiently while keeping within safety parameters.

Coordination with Local Officials

Our safety staff also coordinates directly with city officials and first responders, keeping them informed of operations. If any accidents occur, open communication channels ensure a rapid coordinated response to protect the community.

Trusted Turnaround Safety Across Canada

Leading companies trust Irwin's Safety to deliver comprehensive safety solutions for their complex turnarounds. We have safely managed workforces of over 1,000 additional contractors at sites across Canada. Bring our experience to your next outage or turnaround maintenance to protect your workers and community.

Contact Irwin's Safety today to discuss your next turnaround needs. Our experts can custom design a safety plan suited to your unique equipment, workers, and neighborhood. Together, we can ensure your accelerated maintenance proceeds safely for all.

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Detailed Assesment

OHS Consulting Services in Regina

At Irwin's Safety, we understand the critical importance of workplace safety. As a leading provider of occupational health and safety (OHS) consulting services in Regina for over 10 years, we partner with Canadian organizations to protect their greatest asset - their people.

Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

Workplace incidents result in lost time, decreased productivity, higher insurance costs, and compensation claims. More importantly, they impact real people - your employees. By investing in safety now, you prevent human suffering later.

In Regina, the most common workplace hazards include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Exposure to hazardous materials
  • Equipment Failure and Equipment-related injuries
  • Musculoskeletal disorders

Without proactive safety measures in place, workers are vulnerable to these and other occupational health hazards.

The Solution: Partnering with Safety Experts

Irwin's Safety addresses workplace risks through:

  • Hazard Analysis: Our certified safety professionals conduct advanced analysis to identify potential hazards.
  • Risk Assessments: We pinpoint activities that pose the greatest risks to workers based on severity of safety hazards and their likelihood.
  • Corrective Actions: Our safety consultants recommend practical solutions tailored to your unique risks and processes, ensuring safer workplaces.
  • Training Programs: We offer accredited safety courses to equip staff across all levels of your organization.

Committed to Responsible Workplace Safety

With competent persons and accredited training programs, Irwin’s meets stringent Canadian qualifications for delivering occupational health solutions.

As safety experts for a wide range of Regina's core industries, we incorporate leading practices into customized OHS management programs that fit seamlessly into your existing operations.

Invest in Your Greatest Asset – Your People

With ample industry experience, our safety consultants' proactive approach goes beyond compliance to address the human aspect of safety. We believe the well-being of your workforce is both a moral and business imperative.

Contact us today to discuss your workplace safety needs: +1 (855) 747-9467

Let's build a strong safety culture together, for your people, your organization, and our community.

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Rescue Support Services in Regina

Fast Response for Successful Rescues

Industrial accidents can happen without warning, requiring timely rescue responses by skilled rescue operators to lift workers to safety using specialized equipment. Irwin’s Safety provides the efficient rescue techniques, rigging, and mobile equipment needed for successful rescue operations in industries across Regina.

The Risks of Delayed Rescue Response

Industrial sites like oil fields, mines, and plants can present complex rescue situations when things go wrong. Workers may get trapped in confined spaces or stranded at dangerous heights. Attempting rescue without proper training and equipment can make the situation even worse—every minute counts in rescue response.

Irwin's Rescue Teams are Prepared for Any Emergency

We provide comprehensive internal rescue safety training programs for our rescue staff before they are sent out on site They include both theory and practical components to ensure workers' preparedness for any rescue scenario. Our safety training includes:

  • Rope Rescue - Our extensively trained Rope Rescue Technicians have deep experience in rope rescue and utilize the latest rope access gear to carry out high-angle rope rescue in hazardous rescue situations swiftly. They conduct rigging inspections according to equipment manuals and safety regulations.

  • Confined Space Rescue - For confined space emergencies, we supply protection equipment suited to safely enter and exit restricted areas during Confined Space Entry & Rescue. Teams follow rescue training requirements and conduct equipment inspections before every entry.

  • Hazard Assessments - Irwin’s Safety performs rescue hazard assessments examining unique risks at industrial facilities to outline emergency response plans and necessary protection equipment.

  • Fall Protection Rescue, Inspection - We inspect fall arrest gear according to manufacturer guidelines. Workers are trained in self-rescue techniques and emergency response involving high-angle lowering/raising if suspension trauma occurs.

  • Technical Rescue Training - From rope access to confined space rescue, we train site personnel on gear inspection, knot tying, descent/ascent, litter packaging, lowering systems, and more.

  • First Aid & Medical Emergency Support - We maintain certified first aiders, trauma bags, stretchers, and transports to provide immediate medical services until EMS arrival.

We also offer comprehensive safety programs and practical training for site teams on proper gear usage, response coordination with our rescue crews, and accidental injury prevention.

Meeting Safety Needs in the Petroleum Industry and Beyond

With an in-depth understanding of levels of hazard control, we serve safety and rescue needs for the petroleum industry as well as other sectors like manufacturing, utilities, and mining across Regina. Trust Irwin’s Safety for reliable rescue personnel, equipment, and training tailored to your workplace.


How do you rescue workers from confined spaces?

To rescue someone from a confined space:

  1. Evaluate health hazards without entering the space
  2. Assemble a rescue team with proper PPE and air-monitoring equipment
  3. Ventilate the space if possible or provide entrants with respirators or SCBAs
  4. Use retrieval systems like tripods or harnesses with attached ropes
  5. Set up a communication system with entrants
  6. Safely remove the victim using sked stretchers or ropes

What is the first stage of rescue?

The first stage of any rescue is scene assessment and triage. Rescuers arrive, quickly evaluate the scene for safety risks, and count and categorize victims based on injury/entrapment severity. Information gathered drives action priority to stabilize and transport the most critical victims first.

How do you rescue someone with a rope?

Rope rescue uses ropes, pulleys, litters, and other gear to access and retrieve people in high-angle environments. Key stages include:

  1. Anchor ropes/rigging to steady structures above the victim
  2. Lower litter with transfer equipment like pick-off straps
  3. Secure victim into litter
  4. Haul system to raise victim to safe location
  5. Transfer to EMS for any medical treatment

Proper anchor points, rope/equipment ratings, and trained technicians are essential for safe rope rescues.

Partner with Regina's Rescue Experts

Don't leave worker safety to chance. With specialized skills, equipment, and onsite safety procedures, Irwin's Safety can rapidly respond to workplace emergencies. We serve Regina facilities across sectors like oil and gas, mining, utilities, and more.

Trust Irwin's Safety for your rescue service and training needs. Our priority is protecting Regina workers through proactive preparation and efficient emergency response. Contact us today at +1 (855) 747-9467 to discuss keeping your employees safe.

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Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, IRWIN'S SAFETY is ready to team up with you to generate incredible results. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving COR certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we do it.

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