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Occupational Health & Safety Services in Kitimat 

Operating industrial facilities in Kitimat poses many occupational health and safety challenges. Complex processes, hazardous materials, and isolated worksites all contribute to increased safety risks for workers. Failing to meet OH&S requirements can lead to workplace incidents, regulatory fines, and damage to a company's reputation.    

During these challenging times, organizations in Kitimat need an experienced OH&S service provider they can depend on.  

Wide Range of OH&S Services  

With over 15 years of experience serving Canadian high-risk industries, Irwin's Safety has the expertise and capacity to provide:

Turnaround Support  

Our experienced team can be deployed on-site to provide supervision of safety-critical jobs during plant maintenance, new construction, or revamp activities. We ensure tasks are conducted fully in line with current OH&S regulations as well as industry best practices.  

Rescue Labour Support  

We supply trained emergency responders and specialized equipment who can rapidly respond on location if an incident occurs. Our rescue personnel have certification in confined space entry, working at heights, hazardous materials response, and specialized technical rescue. We help prevent severe injury if an emergency situation arises.  

Safety Training  

Customized safety education programs tailored to the unique risks your staff encounters. Training modules can cover topics like confined space protocols, lock-out/tag-out processes, hazardous waste handling, emergency preparedness, and more. We help build a positive safety culture amongst your team.  

Consulting Services  

Our experienced Canadian Registered Safety Professionals provide safety consulting services such as site audits, risk assessments, OH&S program development, job planning and hazard analysis, and incident investigation, as well as assisting in regulatory reporting and compliance. We ensure facilities meet all safety requirements.  

Equipment Rentals/Sales  

Irwin’s Safety maintains an extensive inventory of safety and air monitoring gear that we can provide on a rental basis. Equipment available spans personal protective equipment, gas detection meters, respiratory equipment including SCBA and air-purifying respirators, and other critical safety apparatus. Ensuring your staff has proper safeguards.   

Trusted by Leading Industries  

With a thorough understanding of occupational hazards, Irwin’s Safety provides OH&S services to major industries across Canada including:  

  • Oil and Gas: Ensuring safe operations for drilling, pipelines, refineries, and gas plants.  
  • Mining: Helping protect workers across exploration, extraction, and mineral processing.  
  • Power Generation: Supporting hydroelectric dams, nuclear facilities, wind farms, and more adhere to safety regulations.  
  • Petrochemical: Delivering expert consulting for refineries, chemical plants, and other processing sites.  
  • Industrial & Manufacturing: Customizing safety programs for forestry, mills, plants, construction, and fabrication shops in Kitimat.  

Our experience serving these challenging operating environments allows us to offer industry-tested OH&S solutions. We understand the unique safety risks organizations face and have a proven track record of helping them control hazards to prevent occupational incidents or regulatory infractions.  

Start Building a Strong Safety Culture Now  


Rescue Labour Support in Kitimat 

Keeping Workers Safe in Confined Spaces and at Heights 

Irwin's Safety offers specialized confined space and high-angle rescue services to provide emergency response and rescue capabilities in f Kitimat's industrial worksites. 

Our Specially Trained Confined Space and Height Rescue Teams 

Irwin's Safety provides the emergency response personnel, equipment, and specialized training to safely enact rescues from confined spaces and heights in facilities throughout Kitimat's industrial sector. 

Our teams include highly qualified personnel who receive ongoing training to meet and exceed all CSA standards, including: 

  • Confined Space Rescue Technicians - trained in atmospheric monitoring, ventilation, access/egress, and emergency retrieval from confined spaces 
  • Industrial Rope Rescue Technicians - trained in high-angle rescue from heights like structures, vessels, machinery, etc. 

We perform regular hands-on practice to maintain rescue skills. Teams also undertake medical assessments and fitness testing. 

Rescue Services for Safer Industrial Work 

By having Irwin's Safety's rescue teams on standby, the District of Kitimat industrial operators can ensure workforce safety when the unexpected occurs. We offer: 

  • On-site rescue teams - Crews for immediate confined space/height rescue response 
  • Rescue risk assessments - Analysis of worksites to determine rescue needs 
  • Tailored rescue plans - Custom emergency response preparations 
  • Safety training - Instruction in hazard awareness, equipment, and safe work practices 

Don't allow your workers to face unnecessary risk!

Detailed Assesment

OHS Consulting in Kitimat 

Keeping Workers Safe is Our Top Priority 

As safety experts with years of experience, we partner with you to conduct thorough risk assessments and develop comprehensive programs that proactively identify and control safety hazards before they cause harm. 

The Risks of Non-Compliance 

Failing to meet OHS requirements puts your business at risk in many ways: 

  • Workers may be exposed to undue risk and harm over a period of time if hazards are not properly controlled 
  • You may face enforcement action, legal liability, or even criminal prosecution 
  • Your operations may be disrupted or shut down 
  • Your reputation and profitability will suffer 

The consequences impact not just your business, but the wellbeing of your entire workforce. 

Our Solutions Keep You Compliant 

Irwin's Safety helps you avoid these negative outcomes. We offer a full suite of safety consulting services to companies in Kitimat and surrounding areas including: 

  • OHS Program Development: We establish management systems aligned with the CSA Standard and provincial legislation that fit the unique needs of your organization. 
  • Hazard Identification & Risk Assessments: Our safety experts thoroughly identify dangers and reduce risks to acceptable levels. 
  • Emergency Preparedness: We ensure you have robust and tested plans ready for crisis scenarios like fires, accidents, and spills. 
  • OHS Training: Workers develop safety mindsets and skills through our engaging online and in-person training sessions. 

With years of combined experience in OH&S, our consultants approach each unique client situation with the proper context and knowledge. We translate complex regulatory standards into practical solutions appropriate for your operations in Kitimat. 

Trusted Local Partner 

As a Kitimat-based company, we understand the local context and have longstanding relationships with industries in the region. We take pride in being a trusted partner that helps local operations succeed while protecting the safety of your workers. 

Ready to partner with a trusted local safety consultant? Reach out today! 


Turnaround Support in Kitimat

Industrial turnarounds in Kitimat can be extremely disruptive and hazardous if not properly managed. With heavy industrial activity happening around you, it's crucial your shutdown goes smoothly and safely. 

However, we understand securing trained staff and implementing stringent safety protocols on short notice is easier said than done. 

Why Turnaround Support is Crucial 

Turnarounds in industrial facilities are complex and hazardous operations. With hundreds or even thousands of contractors descending on site, risks and liability shoot up exponentially. 

Without adequate safety personnel and procedures in place, even a minor oversight can lead to:

  • Injuries from falls, confined spaces, chemicals 
  • Costly fines and regulatory citations 
  • Complete shutdowns from incidents 
  • Damage to equipment, productivity, and deadlines 

In addition, securing competent safety staff on demand and maintaining capabilities for emergency response is hugely challenging. 

Complete Turnaround Safety Solutions 

That's why Irwin's Safety offers Turnaround Safety Support and Rescue personnel to fill urgent and temporary needs for your next maintenance turnaround, allowing you to:

  • Safely manage confined space entry 
  • Have guaranteed coverage for rescue services 
  • Access professionally trained safety experts 
  • Implement preventive maintenance solutions
  • Receive safety consulting for a smooth turnaround  

With years of experience across industrial sectors like mining, oil & gas, and petrochemical plants, we offer the dedicated Shutdown Support and safety skill sets needed to keep your Kitimat turnaround running efficiently. 

Trust the Safety Experts 

With industrial activity heating up in Kitimat, it’s essential to have seasoned turnaround safety personnel at the ready. 

Our safety experts and rescue techs have supported turnarounds across every major industrial sector. Whether you require:

  • Additional Confined Space Supervisors 
  • On-site Safety Inspectors 
  • Industrial Hygiene Technicians 
  • Fall Protection Advisors 
  • Specialized Equipment Operators 

We have the flexibility and the right personnel to fulfill your unique industrial needs. 

With Irwin’s as your partner, you can keep turnarounds in Kitimat running safely, and efficiently, with no gaps in emergency response. Contact Irwin’s Safety at +1 (855) 747-9467 for world-class Turnaround Support across Kitimat. 



Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, IRWIN'S SAFETY is ready to team up with you to generate incredible results. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving COR certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we do it.

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