Irwin's Purpose

Delivering the Highest Level of Full-Cycle Safety Services

Why We Do This

IRWIN'S purpose is to get workers home safe at the end of each day. We aim to protect working people in the most hazardous of industries and safeguard our clients from catastrophic incidents that damage families, corporate brands and production. We are committed to mitigating risks for all stakeholders and turning challenges into opportunities by delivering the highest standard of full-cycle services.

Our Vision

IRWIN'S strives to be a world leader in safety management services. Our vision is to inspire industrial clients to evolve, and aspire themselves, providing safe workplaces for their employees.

We Will Get There By:

Being ADAPTIVE to client needs; responding flexibly to internal or external influences and the ever-changing priorities they create. We will embrace change, face it head-on and encourage each member of our team to always look for alternate ways to tackle a challenge.

Being EFFICIENT in our methods to continuously improve the quality and speed in which our services are delivered. We will earn the satisfaction and confidence of our customers by exceeding their expectations and consistently improving value proposition.

Having INTEGRITY. We do not take shortcuts or make excuses. We hold ‘doing the right thing’ above all else, even when it is unpopular or creates additional work. We are reliable, available and work to instill confidence in each other as well as our clients.

Being INNOVATIVE and using methods that reach diverse learning styles. We will be creative and progressive in our approach to training our people and our customers and look beyond the status quo for solutions to the challenges we face.

Being COMPASSIONATE. People drive our passion. We truly care for those we protect and serve; whether we have known them for a lifetime or only a few minutes. We strive to create and foster a respectful and considerate work environment, where hard work and contribution toward ensuring safety is the common goal.

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