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IRWIN'S Equipment Inspection Advantage

Annual equipment inspections by a third party give an added level of protection from liability to ensure all the gear on site is in proper functioning order. This is the industry best practice - For example Worksafe BC requires fall protection gear, rigging and lifting devices, ladders to be inspected on a regular basis, not to exceed 1 year (or more frequently if required by manufacturer's instructions) by a competent person or competent rescuer, as appropriate to verify that the equipment is safe for use. This means that having a third-party like IRWIN'S inspecting your equipment can save you time, money and inconvenience down the line.


Every IRWIN'S equipment inspections concludes with a printed and digital report documenting the equipment inspection. This ensures you are compliant under whatever regulatory body you are operating under. Although this does not eliminate the need for daily inspections, it provides a higher level of assurance that your equipment is in excellent operating condition. 

Our inspections are visual and rely on our team's expertise and industry knowledge. Some pieces of equipment require inspection by the manufacturer (for example, type 3 SRLs) in order to maintain their standard of safety. 

IRWIN'S Equipment Inspections
Callout (per-day or if called back to complete unprepared equipment):  $175
Standby rate (only if requested to wait because equipment is not available to inspect): $75/hr (billed in half-hour increments)
Connecting hardware (carabiners, rope grabs, shackles): $5
Web sling, anchor sling, lanyard, shock absorber: $20
Harness (including lanyard), purchase block, cable sling: $25
Lifelines, Ladders: $40
Hoists: $60


E-LEVEL equipment
Fall Protection
Harness Inspections

Why choose IRWIN'S?

  • Save time and ensure compliance and safety
  • Manufactures often recommend third-party inspections
  • IRWIN'S inspectors are trained and certified
  • Inspections follow industry standards and guidelines
  • Inspections can be performed at our location or your site