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Occupational Health & Safety Services in Calgary 

Operating a productive industrial or construction business requires maintaining a safe, hazard-free workplace. However, overseeing occupational health and safety (OHS) practices to protect your Calgary employees against injury can be challenging. Developing safety protocols, training staff, performing assessments, and ensuring compliance with evolving regulations takes considerable resources. Partnering with safety specialists allows you to focus on your core operations while trusting OHS matters to seasoned experts. 

Irwin's Safety provides specialized OH&S services for hazardous industries throughout Calgary including oil & gas, mining, petrochemicals, power generation, construction, manufacturing, and more. 

Our experienced safety advisors become an extension of your team to ensure ongoing worker well-being and regulatory compliance. Learn how we can customize an effective workplace safety program to reduce risks at your company.

Safety Consulting in Calgary

Comprehensive OHS Services For Calgary Industries 

Irwin's Safety provides services spanning all facets of occupational health and safety management: 

  • Safety Training - We offer courses in Calgary on essential topics like fall arrest, confined space entry, high-angle rescue, equipment operation, and more. Staff skills development is key to safety. 
  • OHS Program Development - Our advisors perform hazard assessments and then create comprehensive programs addressing risks through protocols, procedures, training, and equipment. 
  • Workplace Inspections & Audits - We regularly inspect facilities to identify dangers, ensure compliance, and recommend control measures before injuries occur. 
  • Occupational Testing - We conduct respiratory fit tests as well as Drug & Alcohol tests in Calgary and area facilities to prevent incidents. 
  • Rescue Labor Support - We provide specially trained rescue personnel for confined space entry, high-angle rescue, and other hazardous activities. Having dedicated rescue teams onsite ensures rapid response if an emergency occurs during risky work. 

This range of services provides complete OHS oversight tailored to your workplace's specific hazards and regulatory requirements. 

Qualified Safety Specialists For Informed Decision Making 

What sets Irwin's Safety's services apart is our team of Certified Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSPs). These specialists possess the extensive training and experience required to assess risks, develop safety protocols, recommend controls, and instruct staff. When an incident occurs, we have the expertise to lead investigations and implement improvements. 

Our advisors become familiar faces at your facility, building relationships with staff at all levels. Workers gain trust in our personnel, facilitating open communication on OHS issues that is vital for a positive safety culture. 

Leveraging our team as an extension of your own allows Calgary businesses to make informed safety decisions guided by objective, seasoned safety professionals. This provides assurance you are fulfilling all OHS obligations reliably. 

Partner with Irwin's Safety advisors to integrate certified expertise into your workplace safety program. Contact us at +1 (855) 747-9467 to discuss your OHS needs in Calgary. 


Safety Training in Calgary 

Ensuring your staff has up-to-date safety training is essential for preventing workplace incidents and complying with occupational health and safety (OHS) laws. However, developing effective in-house training while meeting all federal and provincial requirements demands extensive resources. Partnering with Irwin Safety for professional instruction delivers efficient, high-quality safety training tailored to your industry's needs. 

As experienced industrial safety trainers, we offer a wide range of courses to equip your Calgary employees with the knowledge and skills for performing jobs safely. Read on to learn how our safety training improves staff awareness, proficiency, and safety culture at your organization. 

Targeted Safety Training Programs 

Irwin Safety provides strategic safety training programs to address critical OHS hazards and requirements in your workplace: 

  • Energy Safety Canada-certified programs like Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry, and Ground Disturbance ensure personnel meet all industry training standards. 
  • Overhead Crane courses cover inspection requirements, safe operating procedures, maintenance, and key aspects of crane operation per CSA Group guidelines. 
  • Forklift Training teaches participants about pre-use inspection, load handling, refueling, and safe forklift operation principles to avoid incidents. 
  • First Aid/EMR provides the skills employees need as first responders to sustain life, reduce suffering, and minimize recovery time for injured/ill workers. 

Courses are tailored to equip staff with safety knowledge specific to your industry's unique hazards and processes. 

Local, Experienced Industrial Safety Instructors 

What sets Irwin Safety’s training apart is our team of highly skilled local instructors. Our trainers possess extensive industry experience and teaching qualifications including: 

  • Practical knowledge from years working in the field under real job site conditions 
  • Industry-recognized training certifications 
  • Skills to effectively engage adult learners through interactive teaching methods 

Convenient Training Options 

Irwin Safety provides flexibility in both training location and course content: 

  • Irwin's Training Facility in Calgary - We teach the majority of our courses at our Calgary training facility, which has a built-in Confined Space Simulator to prepare our students for unexpected risks they can encounter on the job.
  • On-Site Training – We can dispatch instructors to your office or remote job locations to train staff on the specific equipment used in your operations. 
  • Custom Curriculum – Beyond our standard offerings, we will develop custom courses tailored to address safety knowledge gaps identified through your hazard assessments. 
  • Equipment-Specific Training – We incorporate hands-on teaching points on your company’s tools and machinery to promote proper use, pre-operation inspection, safe operating techniques, and general equipment care

Upon completion, personnel receive certificates documenting their safety training qualifications. 

Partner with Irwin Safety for Effective Training 

With multiple training options, Irwin Safety provides convenient, targeted instruction that instills safety knowledge while minimizing time away from the job site. 

For high-quality, engaging safety instruction from experienced local trainers, contact Irwin Safety at +1 (855) 747-9467. We look forward to helping prepare your team to work safely. 

Detailed Assesment

Rescue Labour Support in Calgary 

Industrial work inevitably carries risks that can lead to serious injury or entrapment, despite rigorous safety precautions. Having an experienced rescue team immediately available to respond to workplace emergencies can be the difference between life and death. Yet training and equipping in-house personnel is costly for Calgary businesses. Partnering with Irwin Safety’s dedicated professional rescue crews eliminates this burden while providing rapid, effective emergency response. 

As safety specialists with decades of experience, we assemble skilled rescue labour teams customized to your industry’s specific hazards and regulations. Learn how our rescue personnel provide an added layer of protection for your employees and ensure compliance at your worksites. 

Specialized Rescue Teams For Industrial Settings 

Irwin Safety’s rescue teams are equipped and trained for different working environments: 

  1. Confined Space Rescue – Our crews are fully certified to safely enter hazardous confined spaces like tanks, vessels, and restricted access areas to retrieve injured workers or recover bodies. 
  2. High Angle Rope Rescue – We have personnel specially qualified in rope rescue techniques for towers, cranes, and other height-related emergencies in construction and industry. 
  3. Trench/Excavation Rescue – Our teams know the shoring, isolation, and extraction methods to stabilize and remove trapped workers from trenches or collapsed excavations. 

By partnering with us, Calgary companies gain immediate access to professional rescuers specifically trained for their unique work hazards without dedicating their own staff. 

Serving Remote and Hazardous Worksites 

Irwin Safety provides dedicated rescue teams to support operations at: 

  • Remote oil & gas drilling locations and pipeline sites 
  • Hazardous industrial facilities for petrochemical, manufacturing, and processing industries 
  • Construction projects with multi-story buildings or cranes requiring high-angle rope rescue capability 

Our expert safety technicians have real-world experience conducting rescue operations in difficult conditions and high-risk work environments. We maintain personnel specially trained for technical rescue operations like: 

  • Forklift and equipment extrication if tip-over or entrapment accidents occur 
  • Rope access and retrieval for towers, vessels, and other height-related hazards
  • Hazardous environment rescue using supplied air and specialized protective equipment

Experienced Rescue Personnel On-Site 

In addition to rescue-specific skills, our crews collectively possess: 

  • Years of experience in emergency response
  • Current certification in advanced, industry-relevant rescue techniques 
  • Knowledge of operating in industrial facilities 
  • Ability to safely operate specialty rescue equipment 

This experience allows our teams to seamlessly integrate into your worksites and effectively collaborate with site personnel during emergencies. Having dedicated professional rescuers on-site provides round-the-clock emergency response capability tailored to your industry’s specific hazards and regulations. 

Rely on Irwin Safety’s proven rescue teams to protect your staff and ensure compliance at your Calgary facilities. Contact us at +1 (855) 747-9467 to discuss deploying customized emergency response personnel. 


Occupational Testing Services in Calgary - Keeping Workplaces Safe 

Operating heavy machinery. Working from heights. Driving company vehicles. Many jobs come with inherent risks, especially when workers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. As an employer, you have a duty to provide a safe working environment. Failing to do so can lead to injuries, damage, and legal liability. 

That's why implementing an occupational testing program is critical. At Irwin's Safety, we offer a wide range of occupational health services to help Canadian employers like you ensure your job sites and employees meet industry safety standards. 

The Risks of Substance Abuse in the Workplace 

The implications of substance abuse in the workplace are serious: 

  • Injuries: Employees who are intoxicated are more likely to hurt themselves or others. They may operate machinery unsafely and cause catastrophic accidents. 
  • Absenteeism: Employees with substance abuse problems miss more workdays and have higher turnover. This negatively impacts productivity. 
  • Poor decision-making: Judgement, reflexes, and coordination are impaired, leading to mistakes and lackluster performance. 
  • Regulatory problems: Workplaces are obligated to maintain safety. Violations can lead to lawsuits, fines, and shutdowns. 

The risks and repercussions of substance abuse in the workplace are far too serious to ignore. By implementing proper testing programs and policies, employers can significantly mitigate these dangers, protecting their workers, reputation, and bottom line. 

Our Solutions for Canadian Employers 

Irwin's Safety provides flexible, customized substance abuse testing programs to mitigate these risks. With offices across Canada and over 40 years of experience, we have demonstrated success helping employers in industries like: 

  • Mining 
  • Oil and gas 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Transportation 
  • Construction 

Our comprehensive services include: 

Drug and Alcohol Testing 

Our occupational testing services include a wide range of drug and alcohol screening solutions to meet your workplace policy needs: 

  • Reasonable cause/suspicion testing: On-demand testing when workers show signs of impairment. 
  • Post-incident testing: Screen employees after accidents to determine if drugs/alcohol were a factor. 
  • Random testing: Deters substance abuse by randomly screening workers. 
  • Pre-employment testing: Ensure new hires are substance-free before starting work. 
  • Return-to-duty and follow-up testing: Confirm workers stay substance-free after violations or treatment.

 With flexible scheduling and mobile testing capabilities, we make it convenient to keep worksites drug and alcohol-free. 

Respiratory Fit Testing

  • Quantitative Fit Testing
  • Qualitative Fit Testing

You Can Count On Us for Workplace Safety 

Don't let substance abuse threaten your workers and bottom line. Irwin's Safety has the experience, resources, and expertise to deliver customized occupational testing solutions that fit your workplace needs and budget. 

Make safety a priority with help from Irwin's Safety - your partner in reducing risk and promoting healthy, productive workplaces across the country. 



Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, IRWIN'S SAFETY is ready to team up with you to generate incredible results. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving COR certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we do it.

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