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Success Stories

Discover how our collaborations have sparked remarkable transformations: Explore our client success stories!

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency for Forest Products Client During Shutdown

Irwin's successfully partnered with a leading forest products company to facilitate their shutdown,  supplying heavy labor, rescue support, and confined space attendants. Our comprehensive approach ensured a smooth, incident-free shutdown by efficiently managing labor, ensuring safety in confined spaces with standby rescue teams, and continuously monitoring atmospheric conditions in critical areas. 

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We Help our Clients

  • Reduce delays and contribute to smoother operations
  • Ensure ongoing safe operations within confined spaces, significantly mitigating risk
  • Quickly identify and mitigate any potential hazards, maintaining a safe working environment
  • Ensure that a skilled emergency response team is always ready to address any incidents, maintaining a zero-incident record throughout the shutdown

Pioneering the "Building Maintenance Worker" Training Program for Indigenous Communities

Irwin's developed the "Building Maintenance Worker" Training Program, designed to equip Indigenous community members with essential handyman skills. This custom, hands-on training program has successfully empowered participants with practical skills in carpentry, drywall, electrical work, and more, fostering community self-sufficiency and resilience.

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We Help Indigenous Communities

  • Provide their members with hands-on training in essential life/work skills
  • Custom design training curriculum to cater specifically to the cultural and practical needs of their community
  • enhance learning through practical hands-on experience
  • lay the groundwork for ongoing community development and self-sufficiency.

Streamlining Recruitment for Power Generation Client with Irwin's Labour Solutions

Irwin's successfully addressed the unique challenges faced by a Power Generation Client in need of janitorial and plant labor in rural facilities, where recruitment was hindered by high costs and limited local staffing options. Leveraging our extensive database of 500+ active employees, we provided a swift and efficient solution, significantly reducing operational costs and enhancing project flexibility for the client.  

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Irwin's Safety Can

  • Recruit employees locally, reducing staffing costs and logistical complexities
  • Cut down incidental and LOA costs, making the overall operation more cost-effective
  • Supply trained workers within a 24-hour notice, significantly enhancing our client's operational flexibility and readiness for diverse project demands
  • streamline the client's operational processes and reduce dependency on multiple third-party providers

Ensuring Compliance and Continuity for Open Pit Mining Client

Irwin's effectively addressed a critical compliance challenge for an Open Pit Mining client, whose operations were at risk due to the absence of a trained mining rescue team. Through strategic negotiations and on-site training, we not only prevented production delays but also ensured the client's full compliance with regional mining regulations. 

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Irwin's Safety Helps Clients

  • Ensure continuous production while addressing compliance issues
  • Conduct on-site training, developing their internal capabilities 
  • Avoiding production delays by implementing our expert recommendations


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