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Customized Safety Training Course Development

If the specific course you are looking for is not currently listed on our website, that doesn’t mean we do not offer it! Many Industries and businesses have slightly different training goals and training requirements. IRWIN'S Safety is committed to providing training solutions that suit your business goals. That means we are constantly expanding our course library and adapting our training material to meet your specialized training requests.

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Benefits of Customized Training Programs

Irwin's Safety offers centralized, comprehensive course development for various industry sectors such as oil & gas, mining, petrochemicals, forest products and others. Having extensive experience in those sectors allows us to bring industry knowledge to our training materials and create a learning environment in which students can develop needed skills through various practical exercises that mimic real-life risks.

Working with Irwin's Safety to develop custom courses or training modules saves money and time, providing long-term value-added outcomes. We come directly to your location and develop a personalized approach to course content development. Then, we teach your instructor, or subject matter expert to be able to deliver the safety program to your worker. To do so, we use our Train-the-Trainer program, which prepares the chosen instructor for teaching the course to your students. This program is created with students in mind: we teach our instructors about various learning styles and teaching techniques so that they can adjust their style to the classroom, enhancing the learning experience. 

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Custom Training Development Process & Implementation

Once you have determined that you need a customized training course, our training consultants work with your organization to accurately assess your training needs, budget, location and schedule to develop a course that meets or even exceeds the standards of your industry, location and workplace. In-house experts, trainers, and consultants create well-structured easy-to-comprehend content. Then, our implementation team creates visually pleasing, interactive and concise videos, interactive activities as well as an aptitude test to certify course completion.

Once the course content has been approved by your organization, we can either certify your in-house trainers through our Become-an-Instructor training or send an IRWIN'S instructor to your location.

Return on Investment

Developing customized courses is more efficient than using generalized lesson plans often found in commonly used industry-accepted courses. Removing redundant, non-applicable content from your education program will save time and produce better results. By reducing time required in class and increasing retention of information with the help of our interactive custom content provides higher returns on your investment.

Your Irwin's Custom Courses and Programs Expert - Natalya Townsend

Natalya Townsend

Natalya is a true master of the challenge. She began working with Irwin's Safety as a Training Coordinator, dealing with in-class, online and customized training programs, some of which required a lot of time and dedication as they were in remote locations. The management noticed Natalya's excellence and promoted her to a position of the Account Training Manager, as her organization and coordination skills have given her the edge in delivering exceptional customer service, with a hint of personal loving touch, highly appreciated by our clients.


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“The safety of the people shall be the highest law."

– Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher born in 106 BC