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Occupational Health and Safety Services in Kelowna, BC 

Safety in Kelowna's Industries 

Kelowna and surrounding Okanagan cities have a diverse industrial sector that includes construction, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, technology, and more. In 2021, over 78,000 Kelowna residents were employed in industries covered by WorkSafeBC. Ensuring the health and safety of this large workforce is crucial. In fact, from 2015-2020, WorkSafeBC accepted over 15,000 occupational injury claims from Kelowna workers across all industries. This highlights the need for continued safety education, training, and diligence in local workplaces. 

At Irwin's Safety, we are committed to supporting Kelowna and Okanagan companies in improving their health and safety practices to prevent injuries and protect their employees. That's why we offer a full range of occupational health and safety (OHS) services for companies in Kelowna and the surrounding region. 

Safety Training in Kelowna

Local Safety Training Courses 

We provide certified safety training courses at our local training facility right here in Kelowna. Help your staff gain the required skills and knowledge to perform their jobs safely. Our certified courses include: 

  • Fall Protection - Ensure workers are protected from falls at height 
  • Confined Space Entry and Monitoring - Properly identify hazards and work safely in confined spaces 
  • First Aid - Respond quickly to illnesses and injuries 
  • WHMIS 2015 - Learn about hazards of workplace hazardous materials 
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Ship and handle hazardous products safely
  • Lockout Tagout - Control hazardous energies during service and maintenance  
Having properly trained employees helps reduce workplace injuries and ensures compliance with OHS regulations in BC. We offer flexible scheduling for classes. 

Occupational Testing 

Irwin's Safety offers legally defensible occupational testing services including: 

Occupational testing helps identify risks and prevent accidents related to impairment or hazardous exposures. We can develop customized programs for your workplace. 

Safety Equipment 

We carry a full inventory of safety gear and equipment available for rent, purchase or regular inspection. Items include:

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) - hard hats, reflective vests, safety glasses and more - that meet CSA Group standards 
  • Gas detection equipment - for oxygen, LEL, CO, H2S, and other hazards 
  • Lifelines, lanyards, and anchor points 
  • First aid kits and supplies 
Properly outfitting your staff with well-maintained safety equipment that complies with standards like CSA Group for PPE is key for injury prevention on the worksite. 


OHS Consulting

In addition, our OHS consultants can conduct worksite inspections, develop safety plans, provide safety program audits, investigate incidents and injuries, and deliver workplace safety training. We want to establish a positive safety culture and reduce your business's risk of injury and penalties. 

Start Prioritizing Safety Today! 

At Irwin's Safety, we want to see your Kelowna business succeed - safely and in compliance with all OHS obligations. Rely on our certified services, experienced consultants, and local training facility to help strengthen your safety program. Investing in workplace health and safety pays dividends through improved productivity, fewer injuries, and avoided administrative penalties.

Trust Irwin's Safety for all your workplace health and safety needs. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Safety Training in Kelowna, BC 

Working in hazardous industrial settings requires proper safety training. At Irwin’s Safety, our courses equip teams with the knowledge to create safer workplaces. 

Industrial jobs involve potential hazards like heavy machinery, confined spaces, and hazardous materials. Without training from experienced safety professionals, workers are vulnerable to accidents and injuries. 

We offer a wide range of accredited safety training courses so staff learn to follow proper safety measures. Employees will gain an understanding of risks and skills to use protection equipment and systems effectively. 

Courses Offered 

We offer a wide spectrum of safety certification courses to meet any company’s needs. Our classes include: 

  • General Industrial Safety - Covers risk management, safety audits, incident investigation, and more. 
  • Industry-Specific Training – Tailored education for construction, manufacturing, oil/gas, mining, and others. 
  • Equipment Training – Proper operating procedures for aerial lifts, cranes, forklifts, hand tools, and more. 
  • Hazardous Materials Handling – Confined space entry, WHMIS, respiratory protection. 
  • First Aid – CPR, emergency response, and more. 

We also offer safety leadership training for supervisors and management. 

Benefits for Your Company 

Whether your team works in construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, or any industrial setting, safety should be the top priority. Untrained workers can endanger themselves and others. 

Investing in training from our experienced local instructors provides many advantages: 

  • Improves worker safety by teaching hazard identification, equipment skills, and emergency response. 
  • Ensures legal/regulatory compliance with all WorkSafeBC requirements. 
  • Reduces costs associated with incidents through prevention. 
  • Develop a strong safety culture focused on risk reduction. 
  • Builds reputation as a leader in safety. 

Additionally, many industrial jobs require certification for staff to legally perform work. Our courses provide the accredited instruction needed for compliance. 

Simply handing out a safety manual or having a short orientation session is not enough. Ongoing training from accredited professionals is essential. Our instructors’ in-depth knowledge and experience ensure your team learns how to work safely. 

Safety Training: Your Best Risk Management Investment 

In dangerous industrial settings, safety education is vital. Our courses deliver the accredited instruction teams need to work safely. 

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Occupational Testing in Kelowna, BC 

Ensuring workers are fit for duty is critical for safety. At Irwin’s Safety, we offer occupational testing at our Kelowna, BC location to help companies protect their workforce. 

Jobs in industrial settings like manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas often require alcohol and drug testing or respiratory testing to wear proper protective equipment. Our convenient testing center provides these services to promote workforce health. 

Occupational Testing Services 

We offer a full suite of occupational health testing services: 

Substance Abuse Testing 

  • Pre-employment testing - Testing potential new hires for drug and/or alcohol use to ensure they are fit for duty. This provides a baseline screening. 
  • Random testing - Conducting unannounced, random drug and alcohol checks on current employees per company policy or regulatory mandates. Helps deter on-the-job substance use. 
  • Post-incident testing - Testing workers involved in any accidents, incidents or near misses to determine if intoxication was a factor. 
  • Reasonable cause testing - Testing employees where there is evidence of potential impairment such as erratic behavior or physical signs. 

Respirator Mask Fit Testing 

  • Quantitative fit testing - Using a machine to measure precisely how well a specific make, model, and size of respirator mask fits the employee to ensure minimal leakage. 
  • Qualitative fit testing - Using odor sensitivity, taste, or irritation to test the seal of a respirator mask. Provides quick on-site screening. 

Collection Site Services 

  • On-site collection - Coming to your workplace or job site to conveniently collect samples and perform testing. 
  • Collection facility - Employees can visit our Kelowna specimen testing facility to provide samples if preferred. 

Benefits of Occupational Testing 

There are many advantages to integrating drug & alcohol testing along with respirator fit testing into your workplace policies: 

Improved Safety 

  • Testing minimizes risks from human error caused by intoxication 
  • Testing ensures respirator masks provide optimal protection from airborne hazards 
  • This leads to reduced injury rates and fewer serious incidents 

Regulatory Compliance 

  • Testing meets standards mandated by WorkSafeBC and industry-specific regulators 
  • This reduces likelihood of fines for non-compliance with policies 

Reduced Liability 

  • Testing demonstrates due diligence in verifying workers are fit for duty 
  • This limits liability if any incidents were to occur 

Increased Productivity 

  • Testing assures workers are able to focus and perform work to their full abilities 
  • This leads to greater efficiency and avoids costs of turnover from terminations 

Protects Reputation 

  • A robust testing program highlights your commitment to safety 
  • This builds reputation as an ethical, desirable employer 

Clearly, the benefits of occupational testing extend far beyond just meeting minimum requirements. Testing is a wise investment that pays dividends through safer, more productive workforces. 

Legal and Ethical Testing 

While testing provides advantages, it also comes with legal and ethical considerations around privacy and human rights. We ensure testing is conducted in a responsible manner. 

  • Testing follows stringent chain of custody protocols to assure integrity of samples. This stands up to legal scrutiny. 
  • We operate in accordance with WorkSafeBC and Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) standards for ethical, accurate testing. 
  • Employees have access to a Medical Review Officer to review results before they are reported. This allows for any extenuating circumstances. 
  • Confirmed positive results are not automatically shared with employers. Workers have an opportunity to explain results and seek assistance. 
  • We provide training on respectful communication of positive results and pathways to access support resources. This promotes health and safety. 

Testing must balance safety with individual rights. Our experts help implement testing responsibly and ethically. 

Protect Your Workers and Your Reputation with Testing 

Protecting your staff from avoidable hazards is a core responsibility of any employer. Implementing occupational testing for drugs & alcohol along with respirator mask fit provides assurance your workers are fully fit for even the most hazardous duties. 

We offer trusted, convenient services from our local Kelowna testing center. Our experts make the process reliable, accurate, and legally defensible. 

Don’t leave room for preventable risks - contact Irwin's Safety in Kelowna today to discuss bringing occupational testing into your workplace. A comprehensive program improves safety, productivity, and your reputation as an employer. 

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Safety Equipment Rentals, Sales, and Inspections in Kelowna, BC 

Operating an industrial business in Kelowna, BC comes with the responsibility of keeping your employees safe. Providing proper protective equipment and gear ensures compliance with occupational health and safety (OH&S) regulations and prevents workplace accidents and injuries. 

However, purchasing all required equipment outright poses challenges like high upfront costs, storage demands, and maintenance costs. Renting industrial safety gear is an effective solution that offers convenience and cost savings while meeting your safety obligations. 

Benefits of Renting Safety Tools 

Rental equipment through a trusted local provider like Irwin's Safety delivers valuable benefits: 

  • Access Essential Gear: Rental fleets offer all required equipment like fall arrest, confined space entry, respiratory and hearing protection, and more to outfit your team. No need to purchase specialty items used infrequently. 
  • Scale Up or Down Quickly: Augment your owned gear with rentals to accommodate fluctuating staff levels, projects, or training needs. Adjust quantities month-to-month. 
  • Reduce Storage Needs: Storing rental items offsite saves limited space for your core operations and inventory. 
  • Transfer Maintenance Duties: Rental suppliers handle maintenance like cleaning, testing, and repairs so staff can focus on production. 
  • Enjoy Latest Equipment Options: Regular fleet updates by rental companies ensure you utilize equipment meeting current industry standards. 

Complete Workplace Safety Solutions 

Irwin's Safety provides additional services central to effective OH&S programs in Kelowna: 

  • Protective gear sales for core items used daily. We carry leading brands of PPE for your business. 
  • Inspections and maintenance of existing safety equipment to keep it compliant and functional. 
  • Training on proper use, inspection, and care of gear. Ensure proficiency. 

With our extensive rental fleet, sales, maintenance services, and training, Irwin's Safety offers comprehensive solutions for protecting Kelowna employees while meeting all OH&S requirements. 

Rental Solution for Key Industries 

Irwin's Safety caters our heavy equipment rentals, sales, inspections, and training specifically to major industries across British Columbia including: 

  • Mining: We supply respiratory gear, survival equipment, gas detection, and more to protect workers in hazardous underground environments. 
  • Oil & Gas: Includes flame-resistant coveralls, head-to-toe PPE, confined space entry, and ventilation products to support petrochemical plant and pipeline operations. 
  • Power Generation: We outfit power plant technicians with electrical safety gloves and tools, high-vis apparel, fall arrest, and arc flash protection. 
  • Industrial & Manufacturing: We provide a full range of PPE, machine guarding, aerial work platforms, cooling fans, portable ventilation, and training to augment safety programs. 

With decades of experience serving specialized sectors, Irwin's Safety offers targeted solutions that meet the unique OH&S challenges across British Columbia's core industries. Contact us to protect your workers with customized equipment rentals, sales, and services. 

Partner with a Trusted Local Specialist 

With over 15 years of experience serving British Columbia industries, Irwin's Safety understands the unique safety needs of Kelowna companies. Our convenient location allows us to promptly deliver and provide gear maintenance, and conduct hands-on training for local companies. Our expertise translates to effective equipment solutions tailored to your specific workplace environment. All while keeping your employees safe and your business productive. 

Contact us for flexible equipment rentals and maintenance services that provide reliable protection. Your employees’ safety is our commitment

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Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, IRWIN'S SAFETY is ready to team up with you to generate incredible results. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving COR certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we do it.

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