Resource Methodology

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Our Resources: The Right People

  • Entry Level - Confined Space Attendants, Spark Watch, Industrial Labour, Equipment Operators 
  • Technicians & Trades - Emergency Response & High angle rescue, Medics, Firefighters
  • Consultants - NCSO, CRSP, CMIOSH, DipNEBOSH, CSP, Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Quality Managers, Leadership Consultants, Emergency Management Consultants
  • Project Managers, Coordinators and Administration Personnel 
  • Professional, Industry Experienced Instructors 

Our Method: The Right Place

resource methodolog2-01IRWIN'S believes the proper approach to attracting the right candidates is to first create a role-based persona. This includes a process that identifies an "ideal candidate profile" - the profile of a perfect fit for the role. Once this profile is developed, we add analytics we have collected from previous successful placements and search our existing database for the right fit. When we can’t find the right fit in our existing database, we market to individuals who match the ideal candidate profile, usually through social media and platforms for recruitment. 

Once the profile has been established, we use a proprietary software product to track recruitment, which includes phone interviews, in person interviews and in some cases personality and skills assessments. This is where our experience in the industry is of most value.


Ready to go
The Right Candidate, Right now.

IRWIN'S has successfully staffed industrial projects since 2009 and has a substantial database of qualified individuals ready for work throughout Western Canada.

Clients turn to IRWIN'S because of our Resources Department’s success in attracting the right candidates to meet client expectations using a “just-in-time” approach.

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Case Study: Specialized Resource Deployment On Short Notice

We have discussed throughout this section our ability to recruit, train, and deploy quickly. To prove this, we want to offer a real-life case study demonstrating the capacity offered when our industry experience combines with our resourcing team. IRWIN'S was able to provide a 6-person ERT team after receiving an emergency request outside of operating hours. By leveraging our experience and methodology we were able to deliver on the team, along with the needed equipment to a remote site at the requested time. In addition, IRWIN'S was able to provide training that was identified by a regulatory body as mandatory within the time frame for no extra cost. 

Please download the Case Study here.

Deployment: The Right Time

Once selected, onboarded, and trained, resources are then deployed. Our dispatch team provides a detailed deployment document that provides the successful candidate with the "5 W's" (what, when, who, why and where) and the "how" of the project so they come to work prepared, with all relevant details.

Quality depends on a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. During deployment, we use client feedback and competency assessments to fulfill the "Check". Both are equally important - a resource deemed competent through assessments may not be the best fit for a certain team's culture, which causes us to "Act" to rectify the situation - through retraining or repositioning. Similarly, a resource consistently competent receiving positive feedback is rewarded with more consistent placements. These are key to the feedback loop, allowing us to consistently improve our Ideal Candidate Profile, finding similarities that can be used on future recruitment initiatives.

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