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Irwin's Safety: Your Industrial Safety Partner in Maple Ridge

We are Irwin's Safety - a leading safety and labour services provider. We offer a full range of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) solutions tailored to reduce your organization's risks as well as improve its efficiency. This includes customized safety programs, safety training, hands-on Health & Safety consulting guidance, labour support and various emergency services. 

Maple Ridge Rescue Services

Workplace Hazards in Maple Ridge 

We provide various OH&S services to high-risk industries like mining, oil & gas, power generation, petrochemicals, industrial, and manufacturing. 

Many jobs in Maple Ridge involve hazardous equipment or situations. Without safe work procedures and current health and safety policies, staff risk workplace accidents leading to: 

  • Falls 
  • Back injuries 
  • Respiratory issues 
  • Hearing loss 
  • Cuts or burns 

These mean paid time off work and regulatory action. Slow responses also raise WorkSafeBC fines and premiums. 

OH&S Solutions 

Irwin's Safety provides specialized OHS solutions designed specifically for local conditions. We deliver: 

Rescue Labour Support 

We provide on-site rescue labour personnel to be present during hazardous work activities in case of emergencies. They provide an added skilled set of hands to resolve any dangerous situations as rapidly as possible. 

OHS Program Manuals & Policies 

Our consultants audit your workplace risks and policies. We then deliver a custom safety program manual outlining safe workplace practices meeting Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. This covers equipment use, workplace setup, emergency procedures, PPE requirements, and more. 

Safety Training 

We also provide OHS Safety Training Certification courses for all skill levels. These ensure staff recognize hazards, meet legal requirements, and have safety-first employee involvement.  

Active OHS Management 

Irwin's Safety acts as your workplace's proactive Health & Safety Coordinator. We provide everyday safety professional guidance on policy enforcement, risk mitigation, and ensuring legislative requirements are met. 

Safer Maple Ridge Workplaces 

Together this leads to: 

  • Effective safety practices tailored to your workplace 
  • Compliance with WorkSafeBC regulations 
  • Reduced risk of violations, fines, or premium increases 
  • Healthy workplace culture focused on safety 

Contact Irwin's Safety today for our occupational health and safety solutions today! 

Securing Effective Industrial Rescue and Response in Maple Ridge 

Operating an industrial business in a growing rural community like Maple Ridge comes with increased risks that require emergency planning.

As an experienced Canadian business and industrial safety company, IRWIN'S Safety provides comprehensive OH&S services for high-risk industries including mining, oil & gas, power generation, petrochemicals, industrial, and manufacturing. 

Meeting Compliance Requirements 

WorkSafeBC and other regulators mandate fall protection and high-angle rescue capabilities where workers are exposed to falls. Failure to comply can bring crippling fines, shutdowns, and liability risks. Having an inadequate or absent rescue plan is not an option. 

Unlike urban areas with 911 access to public technical rescue, rural communities like Maple Ridge can experience delayed response times for advanced life support and emergency rescue. Industrial sites must have their own onsite capability to safely retrieve and treat victims rapidly. 

Essential Rescue Capabilities 

Operating safely at heights in Maple Ridge's growing industrial sector demands proper training across several key rescue capabilities: 

Confined Space Rescue 

Whether inside tanks, silos, pipes, or other enclosed areas, injured or unconscious workers trapped in potentially hazardous confined spaces require specialized retrieval techniques. Our confined space rescue training delivers the skills to safely access, package, and extract victims while wearing breathing apparatus. 

High Angle Rope Rescue 

From elevated work platforms, tower cranes, and rooftops, a fallen worker dangling helplessly requires advanced rope rigging and lifting skills to achieve retrieval. Our high-angle rescue training covers anchor points, hauling systems, and stretcher packaging best practices. 

Emergency Medical Response 

Once rescued, injured workers urgently require first aid and medical aid before transportation to a hospital. Our emergency medical response training enables your team to provide airway management, bleeding control, spinal precautions, and other interventions. 

Industrial Firefighting 

In facilities with significant fuel loads and ignition sources, fire incidents can quickly threaten lives and operations. Through customized firefighting training, we equip personnel to safely suppress and extinguish fires using pumps, hose lines, PPE, coordination, and specialized techniques. 

Essential Industrial Rescue Services 

Don't wait until an emergency strikes to invest in protecting your skilled workforce. Contact our team today to proactively build your rescue, firefighting, hazmat, and emergency response capabilities with customized industrial training solutions. 

Detailed Assesment

OHS Safety Consulting Services in Maple Ridge 

We are a team of certified safety professionals equipped to handle all your workplace safety needs. 

Our services include: 

  • OHS Safety Program Manuals: We review your existing policies and procedures to develop comprehensive safety manuals tailored to your workplace. These manuals document standards, roles and responsibilities, training systems, and more. 
  • OHS Safety Audits: Our experts will conduct a thorough safety audit to identify risks, evaluate your current safety culture, and make recommendations for improving safety practices across your organization. 
  • Risk Management: After assessing the risks, we implement solutions that address that safety challenges you are facing. 
  • and many more!

Partner with a Team You Can Trust 

Don't leave the safety of your workplace up to chance. The team at Irwin's Safety has decades of combined safety experience working with Maple Ridge community partners across various industries. We are committed to helping our clients foster a positive safety culture and achieve their company safety goals. 


Safety Training in Maple Ridge 

Are you looking to provide safety training for your Maple Ridge employees? At Irwin's Safety, we offer customized occupational health and safety (OHS) courses to ensure your staff have the knowledge to work safely. 

Staying Compliant with Safety Regulations 

With heavy industry and construction in Maple Ridge, it is crucial for employees to understand safety protocols. However, keeping up with evolving provincial and federal OHS regulations can be difficult for businesses. Failure to comply with safety rules can lead to workplace injuries or accidents, as well as fines from regulatory agencies like WorkSafeBC. 

Occupational Health and Safety Training 

Irwin's Safety provides practical OHS training programs to help Maple Ridge organizations stay compliant. Our courses are tailored to your industry and workplace hazards. They combine online safety components with in-person skills practice. 

We have a staff of experienced OHS safety experts and training professionals in Maple Ridge. They deliver dynamic safety instruction that engages your employees. Workers gain safety knowledge plus the confidence to put what they learn into practice. 

Better Prepared, Safer Workforce 

Partnering with Irwin’s Safety for health and safety training allows your Maple Ridge organization to: 

  • Meet occupational safety requirements and avoid fines
  • Empower employees to identify and mitigate hazards 
  • Reduce the likelihood of lost time incidents 
  • Show commitment to a strong safety culture 
  • Display due diligence in protecting your workforce 

Partner with the safety professionals at Irwin's Safety today to schedule customized training sessions for your team. Keep your Maple Ridge workspace compliant, avoid costly penalties, and demonstrate to employees that their safety matters.

Contact Irwin's Safety today! Our OHS experts are ready to provide impactful, engaging training your workforce needs to work safely. 



Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, IRWIN'S SAFETY is ready to team up with you to generate incredible results. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving COR certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we do it.

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