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Occupational Hygiene Services 

Manage Workplace Risk with Occupational Hygiene!

The health and safety of your workers should be your top priority. But working in an industrial field or close to heavy equipment poses many potential workplace hazards. Your employees face risks from noise, chemicals, gases, particulates and other hazards that aren't always obvious. This can lead to long-term illness, fatigue, and even serious incidents. 

Specialized occupational hygiene services are essential to identify hidden threats, measure risks, and implement controls to protect your staff. At Irwin's Safety, our certified expert hygienists use the latest methods to monitor your unique environment. We evaluate everything from noise levels to air quality and ergonomics. Our goal is to create safer, healthier and more compliant workplaces. 

Industrial Hygiene Services

What Does Occupational Hygiene Involve? 

It includes services such as: 

  • Air quality solutions to evaluate building ventilation 
  • Noise monitoring surveys and recommendations for hearing protective equipment 
  • Reviewing chemical Safety Data Sheets and procedures for safe handling 
  • Ergonomic evaluations and implementation of engineering controls to prevent strain 
  • Exposure control through periodic monitoring and hazard assessments 
  • Analysis and recommendations for control of workplace hazards 
  • Inspections for biological contaminants like mold or viruses 
  • Testing for asbestos-containing materials, gases, fumes, dust and other dangerous particulates 


Our occupational hygienists use the latest equipment and methods to detect risks, determine exposure levels, and suggest practical control solutions tailored to your workplace. 

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Customized Approach

Development Process & Implementation

Industries That Need Occupational Hygiene Service 

It's crucial for any industry where workers face potential environmental or physical hazards including: 

  • Manufacturing and Production Facilities 
  • Construction and Building Sites 
  • Health Care Facilities like Hospitals and Aged Care 
  • Laboratories and Research Institutions
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing
  • Airports and Marine
  • Hospitality, Entertainment and Tourism

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common workplace hazards? 

Common hazards include noise, chemicals, asbestos, gases, vapors, dusts, fumes, radiation, viruses, musculoskeletal strains, vibration, and thermal stress. 

How can Occupational Hygiene Services help my business? 

Our Hygiene services allow you to identify and control risks before they cause health problems, accidents or production disruptions. This improves safety, compliance and productivity. 

What methods do you use? 

Our hygienists use air sampling pumps, sound level meters, gas detectors, dust monitors and other technical equipment to take quantitative measurements. We compare results to exposure standards to assess risks. 

How often should monitoring be done? 

It depends on the work environment stability and hazard levels. Monitoring should be done periodically, when changes occur and after incidents. 

Do your services meet legal requirements? 

Yes, our practices adhere to workplace Health and Safety regulations as well as federal standards. 

What do you provide after an assessment? 

We give comprehensive reports outlining detected hazards, exposure levels, compliance status, recommendations and an action plan. 

Why Choose Irwin's Safety?

When selecting a service provider, expertise and experience are critical. 

Irwin's Safety offers: 

  • Safety Experts with 5+ years of experience 
  • Latest monitoring technology and methods 
  • Over 14 years of company-wide experience with industries in need of Occupational Hygiene Services
  • Clear reports and practical recommendations 
  • Guidance to improve safety and compliance 
  • Tailored solutions for your unique hazard needs 
  • Ongoing support 

Invest in your workers' health and safety!

today to learn more about our specialized occupational hygiene services!

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“The safety of the people shall be the highest law."

– Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher born in 106 BC