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Occupational Health & Safety Services in Victoria 

Operating an industrial facility comes with many hazards that can put your employees' health and safety at risk. From dangerous equipment and machinery to exposure to toxic chemicals, there are many ways workers can potentially get injured on the job. That's why having rigorous occupational health and safety (OHS) programs and practices in place is so important for companies in Victoria, BC, and across Vancouver Island. 

At Irwin's Safety, we provide various OH&S Services to industries such as mining, oil & gas, power generation, petrochemicals, industrial, and manufacturing. We are passionate about protecting British Columbia's workforce. For over 20 years, leading industrial firms have trusted us to help maintain safe, compliant worksites. From safety consulting and training to rescue services and more, we provide comprehensive OHS solutions tailored to your unique operations. 

OHS Services in Victoria BC

Local OHS Expertise You Can Trust 

Our experienced team of CRSPs, engineers, hygienists, technicians, and rescue personnel are ready to undertake any project in Victoria! We have deep familiarity with local facilities, regional industries, and BC regulations. Our local presence allows us to:

  • Provide relevant OHS and rescue training in Victoria
  • Respond rapidly to industrial emergencies with our rescue team 
  • Help companies meet WorkSafeBC and other BC-specific OHS requirements 
  • Develop customized safety programs suited to the needs of Victoria's industries

By partnering with Irwin's Safety, Victoria companies gain a trusted OHS advisor who understands the local landscape. 

Comprehensive Health & Safety Services in Victoria

We offer a full suite of occupational health and safety services local companies rely on, including:

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Consulting in Victoria: As a local provider of OH&S consulting services in Victoria and other regions, Irwin's focuses on creating custom OHS solutions tailored to the specific risks and needs of different industries. These solutions are integral in ensuring workplace safety and compliance with Canadian OH&S regulations. 

Safety Training in Victoria: Irwin's provides various in-class and online safety courses in Victoria BC, that are aimed at educating employees and employers about workplace hazards and their mitigation techniques, ensuring a safer work environment.

Rescue Services in Victoria: Irwin's focus is on protecting people and worksites, with readiness to tackle any emergency by supplying highly-skilled rescue professionals specializing in Confined Space Rescue and High Angle Rescue.

Industrial Labor Support Services in Victoria: Irwin's Safety is known for its skilled local labor force, which is extensively cross-trained across multiple disciplines, enabling them to make a significant and effective contribution to various industrial projects.

Safety Equipment Sales, Rentals, and Inspection Services in Victoria: Our safety equipment is available for sale or rental. We guarantee that all Irwin's equipment adheres to strict safety standards.

Turnaround Support for Industrial Operations: Our Turnaround services in Victoria include turnaround management, planning and scheduling, quality assurance, project controls, cost tracking, and procurement and logistics management  

 We specialize in the following:

  • Hazard assessments and control 
  • OHS program development 
  • Leadership and supervisor OHS training 
  • Confined space and fall protection training 
  • On-site safety consulting
  • Air quality testing and monitoring
  • Emergency rescue services
  • Equipment safety inspections
  • Workplace safety staffing solutions 

Our comprehensive approach aims to proactively identify risks, ensure compliance, and build a strong safety culture at your organization. Workers stay vigilant and empowered to maintain safe conditions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can you provide after a workplace accident or incident? 

Our safety consultants can assist with root cause investigations, corrective actions, policy reviews, and the development of improved safety procedures to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents. We also offer incident management training. 

How can you customize safety policies and training? 

We get to know your organization and operations. This allows us to incorporate your procedures and terminology into the policies and training we develop, making them uniquely suited to your workplace hazards and safety culture. 

How can you help companies protect the environment? 

We perform air, water, and waste audits to identify risks and ensure compliance. We can design spill prevention and response plans, stormwater management programs, and waste minimization strategies.

Let's Partner to Protect Your Team 

Don't leave the health and safety of your Victoria employees to chance. With our local expertise and full-service OHS offerings, Irwin's Safety can help safeguard your people and your operations. 



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Turnaround Support Services in Victoria, BC 

Industrial turnarounds are complex projects that require extensive planning and coordination. Having an experienced partner oversee safety and efficiency is crucial.  

Irwin's Safety provides full-scale turnaround support services to companies in Victoria, BC. Our certified safety experts act as an extension of your team to ensure turnarounds go smoothly and safely. 

The Challenges of Industrial Turnarounds 

Industrial turnarounds involve taking production equipment offline for maintenance and upgrades. This requires meticulous planning and oversight to:

  • Maintain a safe work environment with multiple contractors on site 
  • Coordinate schedules, equipment, and resources effectively 
  • Complete projects on time and on-budget 
  • Minimize disruptions to operations

Without proper project management, turnarounds can quickly go over budget and fall behind schedule. More importantly, safety can suffer if rigorous controls are not implemented. 

Industries We Service 

Irwin's Safety provides tailored turnaround support services to meet the needs of clients including: 

  • Mining - We've safely managed turnarounds across open pit and underground mines. 
  • Oil & Gas - Our experts have supported turnarounds for offshore platforms, well pads, pipelines, and refineries. 
  • Power Generation - We've helped power plants with outages, turbine maintenance, and retrofits to improve safety and reliability. 
  • Petrochemical - Major complexes with interconnected units rely on us to manage turnarounds safely and efficiently.
  • Manufacturing - We ensure OEM-recommended maintenance gets completed on schedule to avoid production losses.
  • And more!

Irwin's Safety Turnaround Support Services 

Irwin's Safety has extensive experience providing turnaround support services across various industries. Our services are tailored to meet each client's unique needs but typically include: 

Safety Management 

  • Onsite safety team for oversight and leadership 
  • Daily safety briefings and planning meetings 
  • Worksite inspections and audits 
  • Air monitoring and environmental testing 
  • Incident investigation 
  • Safety training and orientation 

Efficiency Optimization 

  • Coordinating contractors, schedules, and permits 
  • Managing equipment, materials, and logistics 
  • Tracking costs and keeping projects on budget 
  • Updating plans to minimize downtime 
  • Consultation on process improvements 

Rentals and Staffing 

  • Safety equipment rentals 
  • Specialized gear like SCBAs and respirators 
  • Staffing for safety roles 
  • Medical Personnel

Our Difference 

Irwin's Safety takes a proactive approach to managing turnarounds from start to finish. Our in-house experts work seamlessly with your team with a singular focus on safety, quality, and efficiency. With decades of experience across various industries, we've seen what works—and what doesn't. 

Partner with the Experts 

Don't leave anything to chance during your next industrial turnaround or major maintenance event. Irwin's Safety has the proven systems and expertise to deliver results. Contact us today to learn more about our turnaround support services and how we can make your next project smooth and safe. 

#200, 888 Fort Street, Victoria, BC   V8W 1H8
Phone: (778) 753-6540

Detailed Assesment

Victoria, BC OH&S Consulting Services - Workplace Safety Experts 

Operating an industrial business in Victoria comes with unique hazards. From confined mills to shipyard spaces, ensuring daily worker safety can be a challenging task - especially with complex BC safety laws. Fortunately, Irwin’s Safety offers trusted consulting services for safer Victoria workplaces. 

High-Risk Industries in Victoria

As the capital, Victoria is home to a wide range of high-risk industries like: 

  • Shipyard repair 
  • Aerospace manufacturing 
  • Food processing plants 
  • Industrial equipment shops 
  • Transportation distribution hubs 

These contained worksites put employees at risk daily. Machinery, vehicles, heavy loads, combustibles, and more can all lead to accidents. Complying with intricate WorkSafeBC regulations further complicates safety rollouts. 

In addition to advising local Victoria companies, Irwin’s consults for high-hazard sectors across BC including: 

  • Mining 
  • Oil & gas 
  • Power generation 
  • Petrochemical operations 
  • Industrial manufacturing 

Developing Comprehensive OH&S Programs 

Our local Victoria Safety Consultants visit your sites to analyze risks unique to your facilities and workflows. We identify needed upgrades to align with BC law and best practices. Then we consult to develop strategic safety plans that manage found risk across your organization. 

Programs we help implement include: 

  • Documented policies and procedures 
  • Preventative maintenance routines 
  • Safe work practice standards 
  • Worker training regimes 
  • Hazard inspection schedules 
  • Incident investigation protocols 

We customize to your exact environment and processes for maximum safety impact. 

Instilling an Ensuring Safety Culture 

A company’s safety posture starts at the top but ultimately relies on every individual from the ground up. Our advisors specialize in driving this culture change through: 

  • Custom new hire orientation 
  • Training across all shifts 
  • Employee engagement initiatives 
  • KPI reporting to track progress 

Why Choose Us 

When selecting an OH&S advisor, expertise and experience should top your list. Irwin’s Safety stands out as industry leaders in occupational safety consulting for these key reasons: 

Take a Proactive Stance on Safety 

Workplace safety should never be an afterthought or passive activity. Without proactive risk management and enduring culture change, injuries and incidents are likely to occur. 

Don't wait for a tragedy, unexpected inspection, or safety violation at your Victoria location. Be proactive by partnering with Irwin's occupational health and safety experts today. Our certified advisors will thoroughly assess your facilities, equipment, processes and workflows for hazards. We'll then provide a detailed risk profile and recommendations report as a first step to securing your worksite. 

Schedule an initial consultation! 

Take hold of workplace safety at your Victoria business before accidents happen. Our OH&S solutions ensure your employees make it home safe each day while avoiding costly fines or shutdowns.

#200, 888 Fort Street, Victoria, BC   V8W 1H8
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Rescue Services in Victoria, BC

For companies in Victoria, BC, and throughout Vancouver Island, ensuring the health and safety of your workers should be a top priority. Industrial work sites can present many hazards that put employees at risk of injury or illness. Implementing proper occupational health and safety (OHS) programs is crucial. 

At Irwin's Safety, we are highly experienced in providing comprehensive OHS services for industries across British Columbia. From rescue services to developing safety programs, we aim to protect your greatest asset - your workforce. 

Rescue Services to Protect Your Employees 

Having qualified rescue personnel ready at a moment's notice is crucial for worksites with hazards like confined spaces, working at heights, or hazardous materials. This rapid, skilled emergency response can be the difference between life and death for your employees. 

Our rescue teams are specially trained and certified to conduct safe and effective technical rescues in even the most complex industrial environments across Canada. We have expertise in: 

Confined Space Rescue 

Safely retrieving workers from confined spaces like tanks, silos, or pipelines. Teams follow rigorous entry permit procedures and are equipped with gas monitors and specialized gear. 

High Angle Rescue 

Rappelling down or ascending up buildings, towers, cliffs, or other structures to bring injured workers to safety. For worksites with multi-story buildings, chimney stacks, bridges or other tall structures, our rope access technicians and rope rescue teams are fully trained and equipped to reach injured workers at height.  

Rope rescue offers a safe and efficient option for retrieving personnel from elevated worksites without needing additional equipment like cranes or lifts.  

Hazardous Materials Rescue 

Emergency response involving corrosive, explosive, or toxic substances. Our teams have industry equipment, chemical suits, breathing apparatus, and decontamination knowledge. 

We collaborate with a professional engineer to conduct thorough hazard assessments of your worksites. This allows us to determine where rescue teams need to be stationed and proper control measures to enable their safe entry when an emergency arises. 

Compliance with BC OHS Regulations 

All industries in BC must comply with WorkSafeBC regulations for occupational health and safety. This includes adhering to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (B.C. Reg. 296/97). We are experts in these regulations and help companies implement necessary programs and controls per legal requirements. 

Some of the OHS services we provide to support regulatory compliance include: 

  • Hazard Assessments - Identify and control hazards using the hierarchy of controls - elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, and PPE to reduce risks to the safety of workers. 
  • JHSC & Supervisor Training - Ensure Joint Health and Safety Committee members and supervisors meet training regulations. 
  • Exposure Monitoring - Measure each worker's exposure to airborne contaminants and noise to keep levels within permissible limits. 
  • Emergency Procedures - Develop emergency response plans and train employees on procedures. Provide on-site rescue services personnel to prevent undue risk. 
  • OHS Program Development - Create comprehensive occupational health and safety policies and programs. 

We maintain strong connections with the BC Forest Safety Council, the BC Oil & Gas Safety Advisory Committee, and other industry groups to stay up-to-date on the latest safety best practices.  

By partnering with Irwin's Safety, companies can have confidence they meet all BC OHS regulations to keep workers protected. 

Custom OHS Solutions for Your Workplace 

In addition to compliance services, we also offer customized OHS solutions tailored to your specific workplace hazards and risks. Some of our specialty services include: 

  • Working at Heights & Confined Space Programs 
  • Respiratory Protection Fit Testing 
  • On-site Industrial Hygiene Monitoring 
  • Hazardous Materials Management 
  • Fire Safety Planning 
  • Fatigue Risk Management 

Our team of certified occupational hygienists, engineers, and other OHS professionals develop data-driven solutions to control risks unique to your operations. 

Trusted Health and Safety Partners in BC 

For over 15 years, leading companies across Vancouver Island and British Columbia have trusted Irwin's Safety for our expertise in delivering workplace health and safety services. When you partner with us, you're investing in the well-being of your workforce. 

To learn more about our rescue services and how we can customize an OH&S program for your business

#200, 888 Fort Street, Victoria, BC   V8W 1H8
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Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, IRWIN'S SAFETY is ready to team up with you to generate incredible results. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving COR certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we do it.

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