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Our Services

Creating a secure and safe working environment is not just an important step, but a foundational pillar in securing the success of any company. Irwin's will help you prioritize employee safety, adhere to legislative requirements, and cultivate best practices to not only enhances an organization’s reputation but also contribute significantly to operational efficiency.  

OH&S Consulting

Our OH&S Consulting services involve providing expert advice and solutions on occupational health and safety management, including risk assessments, development of safety policies, and assistance with regulatory compliance to ensure a safer workplace.

Labour Services

Irwin's provides assistance with local workforce management, staffing and cross-training for various industrial jobs.

Emergency Support

Irwin's provides a range of rapid response measures, including rescue support, medical aid, firefighting and crisis management, aimed at protecting lives, property, and the environment. 

Safety Training

Irwin's safety training services involve the provision of comprehensive training programs designed to equip employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their duties safely, adhere to regulatory standards, and effectively manage potential workplace hazards. 


Equipment Rentals, Sales and Inspections

Irwin's equipment services encompass the leasing and selling of industrial equipment, PPE and other safety gear, alongside conducting thorough safety and performance inspections to ensure they meet regulatory standards and operational requirements. 


Occupational Testing

Our occupational testing services involve conducting comprehensive assessments and screenings, such as drug and alcohol tests and respiratory fit tests to ensure employee health and safety in the workplace.


At Irwin's Safety, we are dedicated to providing exceptional safety consulting services, facilitated by our team of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP). Each member brings a wealth of industry-specific training and experience to the table, ensuring that we can adeptly meet the diverse needs of our clients and offer unparalleled insights into workplace health and safety.

As businesses evolve and expand, the development of a thorough health and safety manual becomes increasingly critical. Our expert consultants are equipped to craft your entire safety program from scratch, delivering a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for your organization.

We recognize the significance of entrusting an external entity with the responsibility to drive positive changes within your burgeoning enterprise. Our consultants approach their work with utmost dedication and strive to surpass our clients' expectations consistently by delivering effective and impactful results. Our commitment to excellence extends to all areas of our service offering, including industrial shutdowns, training, and safety consulting, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best from Irwin's Safety.

Partnering with us means ensuring that your business remains ahead of legislative requirements and fully compliant, thereby mitigating unnecessary risks which could prove to be financially onerous. We focus on reducing or altogether eliminating operational risks through strategic action plans, prioritizing the protection of your most valuable asset—your workforce.

Whether you're a growing business, an established entity, or a large-scale corporation, Irwin's Safety is your go-to source for outstanding outcomes. From crafting Emergency Response Plans to facilitating COR certification, we have the expertise to handle all your safety requirements. Trust in us to be your comprehensive solution for all things safety-related, delivering beyond expectations every time.

At the heart of our approach to labour support services lies our commitment to localization. We understand the importance of fostering a strong local workforce that not only understands the unique needs of the community but also contributes to its economic prosperity. To achieve this, we engage in a meticulous process of recruiting, training, developing, and deploying a highly skilled labor force to various facilities and projects across Canada.

Our recruitment strategy is centered on identifying individuals who not only possess the requisite skills and expertise but also exhibit a strong work ethic and the ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of the industrial sector. We place a significant emphasis on indigenous inclusion, ensuring that our workforce reflects the rich history of Canadian society.

Once onboard, our employees undergo in-house training programs designed to develop their skills further and acquaint them with the skills necessary for their respective fields. Our training is not a one-time event but a continuous process that ensures our workforce remains at the forefront of industry standards and practices.

Development of our employees is another pillar of our approach. We believe in nurturing the potential of each individual, providing them with opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization. This not only aids in retaining top talent but also ensures that our clients have access to a pool of highly competent and motivated individuals ready to meet their project needs.

Finally, we supply this talented labor force to facilities and projects throughout Canada, ensuring that our clients have the human resources necessary to achieve their operational goals. Whether it’s a short-term project requiring specialized skills or a long-term engagement needing a large workforce, we are equipped to meet the demand with precision and efficiency.

Our emphasis on localization, combined with our comprehensive approach to recruitment, training, development, and supply, sets us apart in the industry. We are committed to building a resilient and skilled workforce that not only meets the immediate needs of our clients but also contributes to the broader economic and social fabric of Canada.


Irwin's Safety takes pride in offering highly skilled and experienced rescue and medical professionals who their expertise directly to the field. Our emergency support team is not only trained in rescue operations and medical response but also trained in a broad spectrum of skill sets. 

A key component of our service offering is our strategic positioning of our rescue and medical teams across multiple regions. This localization strategy is designed to ensure that our team can be mobilized swiftly and efficiently, significantly reducing response times in critical situations. For our clients, this means enhanced safety for their operations and personnel, as our teams can reach them without the delays that can often compromise the outcome of emergency situations.

Moreover, our approach offers tangible economic benefits to our clients. By having our professionals readily available in multiple regions, we effectively reduce the need for extensive transportation and accommodation arrangements that would otherwise be necessary for bringing in external teams. This not only leads to cost savings but also streamlines the logistics involved in emergency response planning. Clients can rest assured that they are receiving top-tier rescue and medical services without the additional burden of inflated expenses typically associated with mobilizing personnel from distant locations.

Our network of field-proven rescue and medical professionals embodies our commitment to excellence in emergency response. Their extensive training, coupled with strategic regional availability, ensures that our clients benefit from reduced operational risks, lower costs, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are in capable hands.

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Our training programs are meticulously designed to cover all aspects of safety and risk management. From foundational safety principles to specialized techniques for dealing with hazardous materials, we ensure that our curriculums are comprehensive and up-to-date. Our certification process is rigorous, aimed at validating the proficiency and readiness of our students to tackle safety challenges head-on. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, we prepare our students to excel in creating and maintaining safe work environments.

A key objective of our training services is to equip organizations with the capability to develop a quality internal workforce that is well-versed in safety protocols. By nurturing safety competencies within their teams, companies can significantly reduce workplace accidents and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. 

Our commitment extends beyond individual organizations to the broader community. By increasing the workforce capacity in safety and risk management, we contribute to creating safer workplaces across industries. Our goal is to ensure that every worker who completes our training programs is fully equipped to navigate the complexities of their role with confidence and competence. By doing so, we help businesses achieve their safety objectives, minimize risks, and enhance overall productivity.

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Our equipment line spans a wide array of superior safety gear, crafted to protect your team across various settings. Our offerings range from essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to the latest in safety innovation.

With options to purchase or rent, we recognize the critical need for safety equipment that is not only dependable but also complies with the highest industry standards. Our selection always meets, if not exceed, current regulatory requirements.

Our skilled team is here to offer personalized advice, ensuring you are well-equipped to make choices that align with your unique safety needs. Whether you need equipment for rescue operations, fall prevention, or medical emergencies, our gear options are customizable to address your particular safety challenges. 



Irwin's offers specialized services in respiratory fit testing and drug and alcohol testing, ensuring that work environments adhere to the highest standards of safety and compliance. Our respiratory fit testing is designed to guarantee that personal protective equipment (PPE) provides optimal protection against hazardous airborne particles, fitting each individual worker's unique facial features. This service helps in preventing occupational illnesses and ensuring that respirators are effective in protecting employees. Additionally, our drug and alcohol testing services are aimed at maintaining a safe, productive, and drug-free workplace. By implementing these testing programs, Irwin's assists companies in identifying potential risks and fostering a culture of safety and responsibility among employees, thereby enhancing overall workplace safety and efficiency.