Medical Services

Elevating Workplace Safety with Irwin's Medical Services 


Medical Services for Industrial Facilities 

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At Irwin's Safety, we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of your workforce by providing quality medical services tailored to the unique needs of various industrial facilities. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to maintain the highest standards of health and safety on your site.

Our specialized offerings include First Aid Assessments to evaluate and respond to any incident with the appropriate level of care, an extensive range of Medical Equipment tailored to meet the demands of industrial environments, and the professional deployment of on-site medical professionals. Our team consists of highly trained paramedics, first aid attendants, and Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), all equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide immediate care and support in any situation.

With Irwin's Safety, you gain a partner dedicated to the well-being of your employees, ensuring that your operations proceed smoothly and safely.


First Aid Assessments

We evaluate the immediate health needs of your workforce, ensuring that every incident, no matter how small or large, receives the appropriate level of care and attention. First Aid assessments are conducted by our certified professionals, who utilize their expertise to quickly identify medical needs and implement effective response strategies, minimizing risks and promoting a safer working environment.

Medical Equipment Provision

We provide fully equipped mobile treatment centers and a comprehensive selection of first aid supplies, catering to the unique needs of industrial facilities. Whether you're establishing a new project site or upgrading existing medical facilities, our flexible rental and purchase options allow you to equip your teams with the neccesary equipment, ensuring you're always prepared for any medical emergency.  

On-site Medical Professionals

Irwin's Safety provides Level 3 Occupational First Aid Attendants and emergency response personnel, all ready to be deployed based on the specific requirements of your site. Additionally, we ensure that our team's skills and knowledge are continually updated to meet the evolving standards of care and emergency response, providing you with the utmost level of preparedness and expertise.