Confined Space Attendant Kit



Confined space kitOn industrial worksites, work is often required in confined spaces. Confined spaces are defined as work areas that are:

  • Are enclosed or partially enclosed
  • Are large enough for a person to enter and perform tasks
  • Have restricted means of entry and exit
  • Are not designed for continuous worker occupancy

Examples of confined spaces include boilers, manholes, water supply towers and many more.

Confined spaces are dangerous and by law work in confined spaces must be monitored by qualified confined space attendants (CSAs). Irwin’s can provide all of the equipment that CSAs require to monitor a job site.

At Irwin's Safety we have been protecting our workers in confined spaces for 10 years. Through our expertise we have designed this confined space kit.

Every Irwin's CSA kit includes:

  • Employee Handbook
  • Flashlight
  • Air Horn
  • Danger & Caution Tape 
  • Clip Board & Pen









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Check out the video below to learn about what is contained in an Irwin’s CSA kit:

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