Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our collectors are certified through the Drug & Alcohol Testing Association of Canada (DATAC)

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The following tests are conducted by a certified Specimen Collector:

Urine Analysis - Price: Please contact



  • Instant results
  • More cost effective than laboratory screening
  • Can be used in remote areas where shipping specimens to a laboratory may be difficult



  • Potential for adulteration or substitution
  • Certain types of POCT devices can be costly
  • Positive results require laboratory confirmation

Oral Fluid - Price: Please contact

Drugs ingested orally or smoked can get caught in the mucosa and will be detected by an Oral Fluid Test. The oral mucosa refers to the mucous membranes of the mouth.



  • Reduced donor embarrassment
  • Detection times of recently used drugs are significantly improved
  • Minimizes the chance of adulteration or substitution



  • Narrower drug detection window 
  • Less fluid sample size

Hair follicle - Price: Please contact

Drug molecules are deposited into the hair shaft via blood transport. Fixed to the hair shaft, the drug molecules move with the hair as it grows away from the head. Hair follicle specimens are normally collected from the head of the donor. If an insufficient amount of head hair is available, body hair can also be used but is not preferred.



  • Minimal substitution
  • Reduced donor embarrassment
  • Extended detection window



  • Short-term detection
  • No point-of-care screening (must go to a lab)
  • Can be costly if insufficient amount of hair is provided

Does your workplace require drug and alcohol testing? Along with our high quality lab equipment, our goal is to provide results efficiently while maintaining the highest standard of professionalism.


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