ATV Operator

Course Overview:

Our primary goal in this course is to assist all students in becoming a competent, knowledgeable and safe ATV operator. Students will receive a training theory portion covering safe operation and maintenance and will also participate in a hands-on portion including one on one hands-on instruction. We identify which students are ready to run equipment unsupervised and those who may require more time on the machine under direct supervision.

Learning Objectives & Specific Outcomes:

The classroom portion of the course is approximately 4-5 hours in length. Student manuals, handed out in class, will cover the following material:

Section 1 – Regulations (province specific) – Students read in a group discussion covering a variety of topics beginning with why regulations exist.

Section 2 – Pre-Trip Inspections – The Instructor leads the students outside to the equipment and performs an equipment pre-inspection required to operate, including a daily maintenance review. Students will review specific equipment manuals to ensure they are inspecting the equipment as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Section 3 – Safety Tips – The Instructor introduces students to the equipment. Warning decals are identified and their meaning is explained.

Section 4 – Operating Techniques – Students will work in groups developing a step by step procedure for running the equipment to accomplish their daily tasks, safely and efficiently.

Section 5 – Machine Stability – Working with their instructor, students learn what causes a machine to tip over.

Section 6 – Workspace Awareness – Students and instructor hold a reading group to discuss workplace awareness principles.

Section 7 – Refueling & Shutdown – Instructor explains refueling and equipment shut-down/storage.


Students complete a written exam requiring a 80% mark to pass. Afterwards, students apply the theory portion of their training with a hands-on practical portion. The practical hands-on portion is graded with an 80% passing score required. In addition, the instructor evaluates the student on their ability to run the equipment competently and safely.


Students will review their scores for both written and practical and sign-off that they have received one of the three classification of operators.

Professional Operator – Operator who has scored 100% on the exam combined with 5+ years of experience, who also demonstrated a higher skill level while running the equipment.

Competent Operator – Operator who has passed the written exam combined with demonstrating their ability to operator the equipment safely, however they would require more seat time to further build on their skill level.

Operator in Training – Operator who has passed the written exam, however, they demonstrated that they are still learning the controls and require more supervised seat time to help them gain the experience and confidence to run the equipment unsupervised.



ATV Operator



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ATV Operator

Course Details

  • Learn to safely operate an ATV under workplace conditions
  • Learn proper maintenance
  • Gain hands on experience in ATV operation
  • Kelowna
  • Calgary
  • Prince George
  • Prince Rupert
  • Your Location
  • 1 Day
  • Must supply ATV
  • Must have PPE
  • Canada Safety Council
  • No expiry from Canada Safety Council
  • Company policy may require re-certification every 3 years