Traffic Control Person (Flagger) Training

Course Overview:

Traffic Control Person or Flagger Training is a specialized Entry-Level course aimed at individuals pursuing work as a Flag Person. There are no prerequisites besides basic familiarity with traffic laws. However, Wilderness Awareness may be a useful companion course. 


Learning Objectives & Specific Outcomes:

A Flagger (or Traffic Control Person) is a worker who directs and controls traffic, often in a construction or school zones. Flaggers operate much like traffic lights or stop signs in areas where permanent signage is missing or does not sufficiently control the road. For example, if a lane on a two-way highway is closed for construction, a Flagger is often required to manage the flow of traffic through the sole remaining lane. Because of their proximity to vehicle traffic, Flaggers are at relatively high risk of being involved in a traffic accident and should take appropriate safety precautions.

Topics Include:

This two-day or online Flagger course covers the federal and provincial regulations concerning flaggers. The course then details proper traffic control procedures and flagger safety protocols. Trainees learn about the various methods that can be used to control traffic (flags, signs, pilot cars, etc), the differences between them, and when one means of traffic control might be preferable to another. Trainees also learn how to adapt to adverse situations including emergency vehicles, traffic accidents, and changing road conditions. Finally, trainees learn proper procedures for communicating with other flag persons, tracking incidents, reporting to supervisors, and handling emergencies.

Trainees who complete this course are certified to work as Flagger in non-high-risk locations. Flaggers looking to work in high-risk locations must be certified through specific provincial agencies.



Traffic Control Person (Flagger) Training



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Traffic Control Person (Flagger) Training

Course Details

  • Federal and provincial regulations concerning Flaggers
  • Proper flagging procedures
  • Different methods used to control traffic
  • Flaggers safety protocols, procedures and best practices
  • Dealing with adverse situations
  • Kelowna
  • Calgary
  • Prince George
  • Prince Rupert
  • Your Location
  • 2 Days
  • Physical Fitness
  • Basic Understanding of Traffic Laws
  • IRWIN'S Safety
  • 3 Years