Grader Training 

Course Overview: 

Grader Training is a Heavy Equipment Entry Level Skills Training course required for anyone who will be operating a grader in a workplace environment, such as in construction or road work. 

Learning Objectives & Specific Outcomes:

A grader is a piece of heavy machinery with a extended front axle with large metal blade in between that runs diagonally along the ground to level soil or other terrain, especially in road construction. Like all heavy machinery, graders can be very dangerous if operated unsafely. Operators should understand correct grader operating procedures, potential worksite hazards, and how to deal with different types of terrain.

Topics Include:

The 1-week Grader Training Course combines classroom experience with hands-on training. In-class, participants learn relevant provincial and federal grader regulations, road-building procedures, inspection techniques and safety tips. In the hands-on portion the instructor demonstrates proper operator procedures, covering topics such as steering and positioning, earth moving techniques, how to create a crown and slope to allow for proper drainage, and more. Trainees must pass a written exam and demonstrate proficiency with the machine in a hands-on practicum.



Grader Training



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Grader Training

Course Details

  • Federal & Provincial Grader Regulations 
  • Safety Tips
  • Earthmoving & Roadbuilding Techniques
  • Pre-Trip Inspections & Workspace Awareness 
  • Kelowna
  • Calgary
  • Prince George
  • Prince Rupert
  • Your Location
  • 40 hours 
  • Driver's License
  • 10th grade education 
  • Varies 
  • 3 years