Incident Command System 100 (In Class)

Course Overview:

Incident Command System 100 is an Emergency Response Training course for any worker who may be called on to respond to a large-scale emergency. While there are no prerequisites, WHMIS 2015, S-100 Fire Suppression, and S-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance are companion courses.

Learning Objectives & Specific Outcomes:

The Incident Command System is the standardized global system used to manage and coordinate response to emergencies and natural disasters. While all emergency response is coordinated through the Incident Command System, this training is especially important for responders to large-scale incidents that involve multiple agencies, as these agencies may come from different jurisdictions and/or have different priorities. (For example, during a wildfire, separate agencies might need to coordinate evacuation, medical relief, and firefighting efforts.) 

ICS 100 is an awareness-level course that introduces trainees to all aspects of the Incident Command System. Trainees learn about command structures, including incident command (each incident should have a single incident commander or an individual who functions as such), chain-of-command (each individual must report to only one supervisor) and span-of-control (each supervisor must manage no more than seven individuals). They also learn about resource management, effective action plans, adaptable organizational techniques, and purposeful management that aims to accomplish tangible objectives. Additionally, trainees learn about effective emergency communication, including proper terminology.

Topics Include:

This 1-Day Incident Command System course will cover topics to provide an awareness of incident command, chain-of-command, and span-of-control procedures, how to coordinate and organize incident procedures, how to effectively communicate during an emergency, understanding organizational command charts and incident action plans. 



Incident Command System (In Class)



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Incident Command System (In Class)

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  • Learn to manage responses to emergencies
  • Learn to coordinator response efforts between multiple agencies
  • Gain effective communication skills
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