S-212 Communications

Course Overview:

S-212 Fire Communications is an Emergency Services Training course required for wildfire firefighters and dispatchers who communicate through Ministry of Forestry radio channels. The only prerequisites are the physical ability to speak clearly and operate a two-way radio.
Learning Objectives & Specific Outcomes:

Two-way radio communications follow a standard set of procedures that have been put in place in order to maintain clarity and efficiency. The S-212 Fire Communications course prepares trainees to communicate with wildfire dispatchers or become dispatchers themselves.

Topics Include:

S-212 Fire Communications is a partial-day course that introduces trainees to two-way radio procedures. Trainees familiarize themselves with two-way radio equipment, learn correct radio procedures including caller and station ID, and learn the importance of following etiquette when using government channels. They learn about appropriate modes of speech, learning to speak slowly and clearly, to use the globally recognized phonetic alphabet in order to spell out words that could be misinterpreted, to use specific two-way radio terms such as “Affirmative” and “Over,” and to make and receive distress calls. Trainees also learn about range limitations and the use of repeaters.



S-212 Communications



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S-212 Communications

Course Details

  • Introduction to two-way radio equipment
  • Follow proper two-way radio etiquette
  • Learn correct modes of speech when using two-way radios
  • Make and receive distress calls
  • Kelowna
  • Calgary
  • Prince George
  • Prince Rupert
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  • <1 day (3 hrs)
  • None
  • Ministry of Forestry
  • 3 years