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What is Functional Ergonomics?

Educating workers on proper lifting, postural and stabilization techniques, as well as integrating a daily stretching program is essential for minimizing the likelihood of injury, disability, or permanent damage. Irwin's is able to decrease the number of injury claims and their associated costs by studying your employees' efficiency in the working environment and implementing safe working practices to reduce the number of injuries associated with poor performance.

Why Choose Us?

Injuries are the leading killer of British Columbians for the ages up to 44. More than 400,000 residents of BC are injured each year yet 90% of injuries are both predictable and preventable. Irwin's is able to save you up to
$90,000 in compensation claims by properly educating your staff on Functional Ergonomics

Services Include:

Health Assessments

  • Meetings with individuals to gauge fitness ability and overall medical health. 

Facility Assessments

  • Workplace assessments will analyze the facility, equipment and human factors associated with specific job roles.

Ergonomic Training

  • Training of employees on how to efficiently move through the tasks carried out within their roles, position their bodies and prevent injury.

Stretching Programs

  • Stretching programs to relieve bodily stress, chronic pain and injury, decrease the likelihood of injury and rejuvenate the mind & body.

Strengthening Programs

  • Strengthening program designed to strengthen the body in areas critical to role needs, preventing fatigue, decrease chronic pain & injury, strengthen the body and prevent injury.

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Our Instructor - Kelsey Walker

Originally from the east coast of Canada; Bridgetown, Nova Scotia Kelsey slowly made her way across our amazing country to settle in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia. Completing an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics at St.Francis Xavier University then an Advanced Athletic Therapy Certification at Mount Royal University; Kelsey went on to become a Certified Athletic Therapist through the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (CATA). Her life-long love for sports dovetailed with the struggle to rehabilitate her own injuries in high school, this planted the seed to pursue a career in Athletic Therapy.

Kelsey's goal is to return YOU to your active lifestyle.

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Kelsey Walker CAT(C)

Achelois Sports and Athletic Therapy

Kelowna, BC