Why Work at Irwin's?

In fast paced competitive markets, comprehensive and properly executed health and safety management, programs, and training keep people safe and contributes to the bottom line. Our clients select us as their partner in safety because of our dedication to customized solutions providing a high quality, efficient, and cost contained service.

Project work

Unless otherwise stated, all of the positions at Irwin's Safety are project based work. This means our jobs are temporary and often in remote locations. Project work, although temporary, is very rewarding. We provide training, competitive wages, and depending on the type of work and location, LOA, MOB and bonuses. 

We encourage all applicants to apply to jobs that suit their skill level and update their availability regularly. This allows us to hire you on projects that fit you schedule and as soon as new jobs become available. 


    We are always looking for workers. Apply to be on call:

    Entry Level   Technician    Instructor    Professional


    Emergency Response Services Director/Corporate Safety Manager - Kelowna B.C.

    Irwin's Safety is an IMC managed company that provides the highest standard of full cycle risk management services throughout Western Canada. ...

    Tags: Professional

    Safety Technicians - Western Canada

    We are always looking for experienced technicians to join our personnel list for project work.  If you have valid safety, rescue or medical ...

    Tags: Technician

    Entry Level Worker - Calgary, A.B.

    Irwin’s Safety provides the highest standard of full cycle safety services throughout Canada. We are currently looking for individuals that are ...

    Tags: Entry Level

    Rescue Personnel - Kelowna, B.C.

    Irwin's Safety provides the highest standard of full cycle safety services throughout Western Canada. Management at Irwin's Safety & Industrial Labor ...

    Tags: Technician