Fire Extinguisher

Who is this course for?

The basics of fire extinguisher use is valuable information both in the workplace and at home. The objective of this half day course is to provide participants with the training necessary to identify and competently extinguish fires. Irwin’s delivers this course using Pyrosoft’s fire simulator which emulates a real fire, but within a controlled environment with no added risk or hazards. The program can be tailored to specific needs and settings of the end-user in order to make the training relevant and practical. Training can be conducted on-site (using live burns) or done at our training facility. This course is designed and offered to be instructed in any setting/environment (e.g. schools, offices, residential, etc.)

Topics Include:

  • Identify elements and classifications of fire
  • Know company policy and government legislation
  • Identify fire prevention methods
  • Identify fire extinguishing methods and their application
  • Identify portable firefighting equipment
  • Follow emergency procedures (operate alarms, who to call, escape routes, exits)
  • Identify how to control the source of the fire
  • Inspect, maintain and recharge hand portable cartridge extinguishers
  • Identify application of agents
  • Demonstrate recharge procedures
  • Identify equipment record keeping procedures
  • Identify extinguisher locations
  • Identify limitations of equipment and employees
  • Extinguish a minimum of three categories of fire

We can facilitate training of any kind to any size group; however, we do not offer private training at this time. If you are interested in corporate solutions, contact the facility nearest you directly on the "locations" page.