Staffing a turnaround? Irwin’s has provided the highest standard of safety for over 100 turnarounds across Western Canada. Excelling in maximized tool time and client-focused communication, our team of power engineers, project management executives and safety experts possess the specialized industry experience to ensure that your next turnaround is both safe and efficient.


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  • Extensive plant experience specializing in: Confined Space, Spark Watch, Gas Testing, Safety Coordination, First Aid, Technical Rescue, Industrial Labour.
  • Commitment to Safety: zero lost time claims, zero WCB stop work orders, & zero regulatory orders, charges, or fines across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Hands on Supervisory Team: you will find members of our senior management on every job ensuring quality, efficiency, and cost control through our custom solutions.
  • Competent on site Staff: handpicked and screened for effective communication skills and thoroughly trained in our systems.

Confined Space Management

  • Planning Phase: we are dedicated to conducting a thorough needs analysis to clarify requirements for customization of our "Plant Shutdown Management Plan."
  • Preparing Phase: we provide our staff with site-specific training as well as specialized programs such as 'new and young workers' and 'women in the workplace.'
  • Execution Phase: we implement unique fit-for-work and fatigue programs and have a 'Lean Delivery Model' that ensures quality, efficiency, cost control, and only value added processes.
  • Analyze & Improve Phase: we compile, analyze, and report on our key safety metrics and efficiency systems.

Value-Added Services

  • Quality Management System: our ISO 9001:2008 internal auditor ensures the compliance of our document, records, improvement, and satisfaction processes.
  • Effective use of Manpower: we constantly man-up and down with our 'Lean Delivery Model' minimizing any unnecessary idle time.
  • Quick Mobilization: we can organize a team for your unplanned outage and emergency turnarounds thanks to our diverse network of trained field staff strategically located across Western Canada.
  • Additional Services: contact sales at 1 (855) 747-9467 for a complete list of our other services including: Consulting, Technical, & Training.

‘I have hired Irwin's for safety watch (man watch) on numerous shutdowns at Genesee power station. Aside from shutdowns, I have recommended them for labour supply to work on our bag house at G-3 and they have been requested to come back for the last three years with very good reviews. Irwin’s staff have good leadership, experience and are helpful and pleasant to deal with, even when urgent situations arise.’

Capital PowerCOLIN HORSFIELD | Logistics Shutdown Coordinator
Capital Power Corporation, Genesee Power Station


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