Professional core audit readiness evaluation for companies

COR Audit Pre-Assessment 

Getting Ready for a COR Audit 

Wondering if your health and safety program will pass a COR audit? Our pre-assessments identify gaps to address before certifiers arrive. 

We Review Your Current State 

Our COR audit preparation service thoroughly evaluates your existing Canadian health and safety policies, processes, training and documentation. We use experienced eyes to spot where your program meets or falls short of Certificate of Recognition (COR) standards. 

 With deep expertise from our own COR-certified programs, we identify risks other consultants might miss. We take a collaborative coaching approach, equipping your team with knowledge to independently maintain COR standards after certification. 

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Contact Irwin's Safety to schedule a comprehensive COR audit readiness assessment. Identifying improvement opportunities first is the most strategic way to confidently sail through your official COR audit. 

Advanced core audit pre-assessment solutions for energy companies

Benefits of Passing Your First COR Audit  

Gaining COR certification the first time saves money and builds credibility: 

Financial Savings 

  • Avoid repeat audit fees if certification is denied 
  • Reduce insurance premiums with certified safety programs 

Improved Reputation 

  • Highlight certification when bidding for contracts 
  • Demonstrates dedication to worker safety 

Increased Morale 

  • Employees feel valued by robust safety policies 
  • Shows you invest in a positive safety culture 

Prepare properly and reap rewards like savings, reputation boosts and higher engagement. 

Tailored pre-audit readiness checks for small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
Customized Approach

Preparing for a Successful COR Audit 

Advanced preparation is key to sailing through your COR safety audit: 

Review All Standards 

  • Carefully evaluate CORTM audit protocols 
  • Assess current safety policies against requirements 
  • Identify any gaps to address 

Update Documentation 

  • Ensure safety manuals match current practices 
  • Refresh outdated or missing documentation 
  • Standardize forms and version control 

Train Employees 

  • Raise awareness of health and safety responsibilities 
  • Coach supervisors on new policies and protocols 
  • Encourage questions about changes 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a COR in auditing? 

COR stands for Certificate of Recognition. It is a certification given by the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) to construction companies that demonstrate they meet an industry standard for health, safety and disability management. Passing a COR audit shows a company has an effective safety program in place. 

What is the minimum score for passing a COR audit? 

To receive COR certification, a construction company must score at least 80% on the COR audit. Audit scores below 80% are considered a failure, while scores of 90% or above are considered superior safety performance. 

What is a pre-audit checklist? 

A pre-audit checklist is a list of items that construction companies can review internally before undergoing an official COR audit. Checking things like safety policies, training records, hazard assessments, and other documentation ahead of time allows companies to identify and resolve any gaps in compliance. This helps ensure they will meet safety program standards when third-party COR auditors evaluate the company. Conducting internal pre-audits improves the likelihood of certification success. 

Why Choose Us? 

With over 15 years of experience helping companies achieve and maintain COR certification, Irwin’s Safety Consulting offers unmatched insights and guidance.  

  • Deep COR Expertise 
  • Identify Gaps 
  • Fix Issues Pre-Audit 
  • Proven Strategies 
  • Audit Success Focus 

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Trust Irwin's Safety to thoroughly assess your program well in advance of COR certification. Identify and resolve gaps for smooth official audits. Invest today for savings and credibility tomorrow. 

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