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Dedicated Evacuation Platform (DEP)

A Dedicated Evacuation Platform (DEP) is a steel box-like structure for transporting rescuers and evacuees. A DEP can be lifted by a crane to allow access to hard-to-reach elevated work areas. DEPs are essential pieces of rescue equipment for high-rise construction sites and other worksites at heights.

Our DEPs have a lightweight design with a collapsible canopy that makes them easy to transport and use on-site. They are WorkSafe BC-certified and compliant with all WCB requirements.

All IRWIN'S DEP's come equipped with:

  • 2 Fall protection harnesses
  • 2 Tethers
  • 1 Spine Board with Straps and Blankets
  • 1 Basket Stretcher
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Bolt Cutter

If you require additional rescue equipment, please call or send us a message.

Designated Emergency Platform
Designated Evacuation Platform

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