Drug and Alcohol Testing in Kelowna

Irwin's Drug and alcohol testing in Kelowna is a vital service for maintaining safety, compliance, and well-being in the community. We provide comprehensive drug testing solutions for pre-employment screening, workplace safety programs, legal requirements, and rehabilitation monitoring. Committed to accuracy and confidentiality, our expert team ensures prompt and precise results, helping to keep Kelowna's workplaces and communities safe.

Irwin's Rapid Drug Testing in Kelowna

We provide drug testing at our office: 1656 Innovation Drive, Kelowna BC

Complete Urinalysis in Kelowna

At Irwin's Safety, we offer comprehensive urinalysis services in Kelowna, designed to meet the needs of businesses, healthcare providers, and individuals. Our advanced urinalysis testing is ideal for detecting a wide range of substances, ensuring workplace safety, regulatory compliance, and effective substance abuse monitoring. Trust Irwin's Safety for reliable urinalysis services that prioritize the health and safety of your workplace and community.

Kelowna Urine Test

Alcohol Swab Test

At Irwin's Safety in Kelowna, we offer reliable alcohol swab testing services that are both quick and non-invasive. These tests are essential for detecting recent alcohol use. A swab test involves using a sterile swab, which is a small stick with a soft tip, to gather cells or fluids. Alcohol Swab Test detects the presence of alcohol in the body. It involves swabbing the inside of the mouth or on the skin to collect saliva or sweat, which is then analyzed for alcohol content.

Alcohol Swab test Kelowna


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