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Irwin's Experts in Strategic Environmental Management 

Irwin's Safety provides specialized environmental consulting services for industries like mining, infrastructure, water and wastewater, and land development. Our geologists offer geohazard analysis and mineral exploration consulting for mining projects. 

With volatile construction rates brought on by the pandemic in Canada, we help contractors and developers manage runoff and other ecological impacts. We have extensive experience navigating the environmental regulations and challenges unique to these industries to enable sustainable economic growth. 

Environmental risk assessment

What do we offer? 

Our team of accredited experts offers a range of environmental consulting services including: 

  • Environmental assessments of proposed projects to predict impacts and advise on strategies to protect ecosystems. 
  • Environmental management system development to implement ISO 14001 programs or customized sustainability frameworks. 
  • Regulatory compliance auditing to identify any deficiencies and required corrective actions. 
  • Permitting assistance to obtain necessary environmental approvals and licenses. 
  • Environmental site assessments of properties to determine contamination risks. 
  • Remediation consulting to safely restore contaminated sites. 
  • Emergency response services for spills, releases, or incidents. 
  • Sustainability consulting to set and achieve conservation goals. 

Our firm stays current on emerging environmental practices and climate change mitigation strategies. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their operations, objectives, and challenges. 

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Environmental Solutions for Your Industry

Key industries that utilize our wide range of professional services: 

Oil and Gas 

We conduct environmental impact assessments to evaluate ecosystem risks from exploration, drilling, pipelines, and facilities. Our experts ensure operational compliance with air emissions regulations, wastewater disposal standards, and spill prevention protocols. We offer emergency response services for rapid containment. 


Our consultants safeguard biodiversity, prevent erosion and water contamination, and ensure proper handling of mineral wastes. We develop mine closure and reclamation plans for the rehabilitation of exhausted sites. Services include geological analysis, groundwater modeling, acid rock drainage mitigation, and tailings management. 


We help manufacturing sites meet sustainability targets by improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, implementing recycling programs, and auditing supply chains. Our experts ensure compliance with air pollution control standards and wastewater discharge limits. We offer ISO 14001 implementation support. 


For infrastructure and property development projects, we prevent runoff issues, minimize tree loss, and protect sensitive habitats. We provide guidance on stormwater management, erosion controls, and dust mitigation. Site assessments identify contamination risks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of environmental consulting? 

Environmental consulting helps organizations improve sustainability, ensure OH&S and workplace safety compliance, and mitigate environmental risks. 

What tools do your consultants use? 

Consultants use audits, environmental risk assessments, hazard analyses, regulatory compliance reviews, and management systems to evaluate and address workplace environmental, safety, and health issues. 

What are the goals of environmental consulting? 

The goals are to ensure occupational health and safety, achieve regulatory compliance, implement effective safety management systems, reduce environmental impact, and provide overall workplace environmental safety. 

Why Choose Irwin's Safety?

Reasons to hire your trusted professionals: 

  • Safety - Strict protocols to protect workers, communities, and ecosystems. 
  • Quality - Rigorous QA/QC produces defensible, actionable results. 
  • Efficiency - Streamlined assessments and strategic solutions enable operations. 
  • Training - Our experts stay current on regulations, methods, and technologies. 
  • Responsiveness - Timely consulting services and 24/7 emergency response. 
  • Experience - 15+ years providing practical guidance clients trust. 
  • Accreditations - Licensed, certified consultants recognized as qualified. 
  • Compliance - Ensuring regulations are met proactively to prevent issues. 

With our responsive team, technical expertise, and steadfast commitment to quality, Irwin's Safety delivers optimal outcomes for any environmental consulting engagement. 

Clients trust our firm to provide both compliance assurance and strategic guidance to improve their environmental performance. 

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“The safety of the people shall be the highest law."

– Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher born in 106 BC