Forestry Products

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency for Forest Products Client During Shutdown


Our client's task-at-hand was executing a shutdown that demanded meticulous coordination of heavy labor, rescue support, and confined space attendants. The primary objective was to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operations involved in moving materials from the primary and secondary burners. The secondary objective was ensuring a safe entry and exit from confined spaces while overseeing the safety of operations. Lastly, Irwin's client had to ensure continuous atmospheric monitoring in the baghouse. 



Irwin's stepped in to provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the client's needs. Our approach involved:

Heavy Labour Support: Deploying skilled personnel to manage the movement of materials efficiently from the primary and secondary burners.

Rescue Support and Confined Space Attendants: Providing standby rescue teams equipped to handle any emergencies. This included safe entry and exit from confined spaces and oversight of operations within these areas to mitigate any risks effectively.

Continuous Atmospheric Monitoring: Positioning confined space attendants at the baghouse to continuously monitor the atmospheric environment, ensuring immediate risk mitigation if necessary.

The Result

The collaboration between Irwin's and the client led to a highly successful shutdown, marked by exceptional efficiency and a zero-incident safety record. There were no reported injuries, reflecting the effectiveness of the strategies implemented for labor management, safety support, and environmental monitoring. This success has solidified Irwin's reputation as a trusted partner, leading to our re-engagement by the client for their next planned shutdown.

Incident Record
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