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HSMS Gap Analysis, Design & Implementation Services

Closing Health & Safety Gaps 

Need to build or improve your health, safety and environment (HSE) management system? Our gap analysis spots issues, and then our team of expert OH&S consultants designs an HSMS solution tailored to your organization. 

We thoroughly compare your current health, safety and environmental practices against ISO, OHSAS, CSA and other HSE standards. Our in-depth analysis uncovers gaps to address across policies, processes, training and more. 

Why Irwin's Safety Stands Out 

Our 15+ years of field experience allow unique insight into practical HSE challenges. We identify risks and needs specific to your facilities, not just generic requirements. This allows targeted, effective HSMS solutions. 

to fully assess your current HSE program maturity. Expert gap examination paves the way for optimized health, safety and environment management tailored to your organization.

Health and Safety Gap Analysis

What is a Gap Analysis?

Gap analysis compares the present state of health, safety and environment (HSE) policies, processes and training to accepted standards or benchmarks to identify areas for improvement. 

Gap Analysis Delivers: 

  • HSE shortcomings and vulnerabilities 
  • Priorities for upgrading protections 
  • Foundation for improvement plans 

Formal analysis provides objective insights - we see risks you might miss. 

Gap Analysis Reporting 

Our project deliverables provide actionable insights including: 

  • Graphic gap analysis maps 
  • Risk assessments for unmet needs 
  • Prioritized improvement recommendations 
  • Scorecards benchmarking HSE program status 

Reports empower smart decisions about constructing your HSMS. 

Definition of a Gap Analysis
Customized Approach

Conducting In-Depth HSE Gap Analysis 

Our rigorous gap analysis process ensures no stone is left unturned when evaluating your HSE risks, liabilities and performance gaps. We: 

  1. Interview leadership and safety personnel 
  2. Review all existing HSE documentation 
  3. Inspect facilities using checklists tailored to your environment
  4. Compare to multiple HSE standards based on your compliance needs 

HSMS Solution Design & Implementation 

With gaps identified through methodical analysis, we architect a health, safety and environment management system uniquely customized to address your specific vulnerabilities, risk tolerances and operational environments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key purpose of gap analysis? 

The key purpose of a gap analysis is to compare an organization's actual performance against some desired, standard or benchmark performance in order to identify areas for improvement. Essentially, gap analysis highlights where a company needs to enhance policies, processes, controls, capabilities or competencies to achieve compliance or Performance goals. 

What is a gap analysis example? 

A common gap analysis example is comparing a manufacturing facility's safety incident rate to prevailing industry safety standards. If their incident rate exceeds standard thresholds, the analysis would highlight needed improvements in safety training, equipment maintenance, process controls etc. to reduce accidents. 

What are some best practices for gap analysis? 

Best practices for effective gap analysis include clearly defining target state or benchmarks, gathering robust data on current state across many functions, identifying root causes for gaps, quantifying performance shortfalls, and prioritizing gaps requiring immediate action. Presenting results in easy-to-digest visuals like heat maps aids understanding. Ongoing analyses provide regular improvement insights. 

Why Choose Irwin's Safety

  • 15+ Years HSE Experience 
  • Deep Field Expertise 
  • Pinpoint Your Gaps 
  • Benchmark Reporting 
  • Improvement Roadmaps 
  • Ongoing Guidance 

Don't wait for a serious incident before proactively improving your HSE program. Contact us to start with an objective gap analysis so we can design the ideal HSMS for your organization. 


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