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Program Maintenance
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Irwin's Safety approaches safety consulting using our unique methodology which ensures our client's business needs are balanced with their Occupational Safety and Health requirements. 

Organizations that adopt our tailored solutions are able to see outstanding results even in the early phases of their projects. We ensure our project managers are armed with a full understanding of our customer's needs in order to deliver service in line with the project, scope, schedule, cost and applicable quality standards. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority and we pride ourselves in continuously exceeding their expectations by providing exceptional service throughout the project.  

What Do We Offer?

Whether you are developing a Health and Safety Management System, are in need of asbestos services or hazmat demolition, creating a confined space program, or conducting hygiene sampling, our first step is to assess your needs through a thorough assessment of organization's current policies and procedures, and operational processes. This ensures we can provide a tailored modular solution that leads to high-impact improvements early on in the project.

Irwin's  provides a variety of Consulting Services including: 

  • Hazmat Assessments BC and AB
  • Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Training Development
  • Emergency Management Consulting
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Quality Assurance and others 

What’s the Safety Culture?  

Safety Culture is guided by policies, procedures and documentation. It requires a high level of buy-in and must be supported by management, workers, and contractors. Safety Culture also needs to be measured through documentation analysis. Strong documentation is essential to demonstrating legislative requirements, however, it is an organization's attitude and behavior that drives a positive and strong safety culture. 

Where can we focus our efforts to make the largest impact?  

After document review, worksite observation, audits, inspections, assessments and interviews performed by our qualified professionals, we take this qualitative data and measure it against a baseline for your objectives – these vary widely, and can include legislative requirements, domestic standards such as COR, international standards such as ISO standards and organizational key performance indicators (KPIs). We aim to provide a quantitative ranking of organizational risk using our impact-benefit methodology. This allows us to develop practicable cost-effective suggestions for management or executives.  

Is our gap analysis a priority?

Occupational safety and health initiatives require support from top management in order to effectively integrate with or change existing workplace activities or culture. With our quantitative analysis in hand, our next step is to present our focus to management, giving management a chance to voice their opinion about our analysis (e.g. company realizing they are not prepared to use a certain standard as a baseline for development, or a corporate initiative which changes the immediate focus of a facility). During this presentation, we finalize priorities based on our gap analysis and client management observations.  

Building a plan  

Our consultants will build a plan that fully encompasses scope management. Assigning personnel competent to perform the work, addressing equipment resource needs, developing schedule, and building a budget are the next steps that have to be completed. Our strong network of consultants allows us to reassign experts to tasks based on the management priorities identified in the previous steps. The consultant who performs the gap analysis may often have additional consultants assigned to the project with a diverse range of expertise and experience. 

Executing the plan  

Large organizations need to take little steps in order to enact change. With a fluid action plan in place our consultant will work with your representative to implement the items on a priority-based approach.  

It’s easy to build a theoretical model of how a workplace should address safety in its activities. The hard part is subjecting that model to a real-life environment. Organizational change occurs slowly. If significant change and development is required, we make every effort to not overwhelm people affected by these changes. We do so by transparent communication and full organizational involvement. This approach allows us to work with management to observe the impact of  change, and pivot our project management plan where necessary to ensure the work we complete is being adopted into the culture and does not negatively impact production.

Monitor Progress 

Once all changes have been rolled out, depending on the scope of work, we set regular intervals to follow up with our clients. This could be a phone call, an email or it could even be conducting regular audits. We want to make sure our clients are happy with the work we perform, so communicating about our impact is essential.

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Your company's worksite may require a number of methods to identify health and safety hazards within the organization.

Irwin's Safety is able to provide you with the physical resources needed to identify those hazards with the help of our internationally accredited team of officers equipped with required certificates to carry out risk assessments, surveys, inspections, audits, health surveillances and screening of your organization.

Irwin’s Safety can conduct any number of assessments on your worksite, including various types of gap analyses and efficiency evaluations.

Our Hazmat consulting focuses on assessing your worksite and surrounding area for potential workplace hazards, mitigation plans, environmental concerns and much more.

Our Gap Analysis follows a road map to meet your specific needs, which may include anything from evaluating your internal health and safety systems against ISO standards to integrating contractor management software to ensuring your company is compliant with federal regulations. Gap analysis programs can also help prepare you for external audits.

Our Efficiency Evaluations review internal processes to ensure your organization is operating not only safely but efficiently, improving productivity by identifying methods of eliminating unnecessary costs incurred through unwanted issues such as  overstaffing, delays, or idle equipment.

Assessments We Offer:
  • Confined Space Hazard Assessments
  • Organizational HSE Need Assessments
  • Fire Safety Hazard Assessments
  • First Aid Assessments
  • Rescue Assessments
  • Access Assessments
  • Work at Heights Assessments
  • Equipment Assessments
  • Emergency Action Plans (Internal)
  • Emergency Action Plans (External)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Tsunami/Hurricane Assessments
  • Functional Ergonomics Assessments
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Best Practices
  • Sector Specific Risk 
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • COR Compliance
  • ISO 45001 Preparation
  • Lighting 
  • Noise 
  • Temperature 
  • Workplace Exposure
Maintenance Efficiency Evaluations:
  • Industrial Analytics
  • Vendor Performance

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Detailed Assesment


Your Environmental Health & Safety management system is a comprehensive network of plans, strategies and protocols to manage all aspects of safety on your worksite. This system prevents incidents and creates effective emergency management plans.

Your EHS system must be reviewed at a minimum annually to reflect changes to regulations, industry standards and scope of your business. IRWIN'S Safety can help you keep your EHS systems up-to-date and in line with current industry standards and regulations.

IRWIN'S Safety employs health and safety experts who stay on top of updates to legal regulations, industry standards (i.e. certifying bodies), and much more. These consultants will work with you directly to effectively implement changes to your protocols and bring your business into compliance these regulation and industrial best practices. 

Leverage IRWIN'S experience for all your program maintenance needs.

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Industrial Hygiene is a critical aspect of managing worksite health and safety. Occupational Hygiene covers a wide range of health and safety hazards, including physical, chemical, biological and psychosocial hazards. Industrial hygienists focus on sampling of hazardous materials and determining worksite safety. Environmental factors in the workplace can lead to injury or illness. Industrial Hygiene includes the use of environmental monitoring and data analysis to determine worker exposure to occupational hazards, which may include chemical, physical, ergonomic, or biological exposures.   

IRWIN'S can help you improve your site's industrial hygiene. Our industrial hygienists are health and safety experts with many years of industry experience who can work with you to review your worksites and develop plans to improve processes and the overall health and safety on the worksite. Our experts will recommend controls based on the testing results to reduce worker exposure to hazards. Engineering controls are used to eliminate or isolate the hazard, work practice controls alter the manner in which a task is performed to mitigate various risks, administrative controls may be used to reduce hazard exposure, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may be used in conjunction with other controls.

Industrial Hygiene Services We Provide:
  • Exposure Control Plans (ECPs)
  • Hazmat Sampling and Safety Consulting
  • Particle Monitoring
  • Lab Analysis
  • Reclamation
  • Confined Space Assessments
  • Air Quality Management Plans and Testing
  • Asbestos Monitoring and Bulk Sampling
  • Hazardous Materials Assessments
  • Mold Sampling and Remediation Plans
  • Noise Exposure Assessment (Area Surveys and Personal Dosimetry)
  • Hearing Conservation Programs
  • Respiratory Protection Programs
  • Respiratory Hazard Assessment (dust, fumes, aerosols, and gases)
  • Silica Monitoring and Management Programs
  • Thermal Stress
  • Ventilation Testing

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Training is an essential element of any Health and Safety management system. It is the responsibility of all organizations to ensure that all workers are competent in their roles and are provided with relevant training to ensure they remain safe at all times.  

Workers will need specific skills to ensure they remain safe. IRWIN'S Safety training will ensure organization and workers remain safe and well, while developing individuals to demonstrate new competencies and strengthen existing skills, providing new career opportunities. Our accredited safety training programs facilitate learning helping trainees transform into industry professionals.

Irwin's Safety works directly with communities through large-scale training initiatives, offering both Entry-Level Training, Advanced Training (Rope Access Training, Emergency Services Training, Become-an-Instructor Training) and Professional and Leadership training (Incident command, Leadership through coaching.

Review our available course programs here.

First Nations:

Irwin’s Safety is committed to working with First Nations communities to develop comprehensive training programs that create employment opportunities both within the community and throughout the industrial world. In the past we have worked through organizations including PGNAETA and TRICORP to provide localized training to bands including the Lheidli-T’enneh, Nisga’a, and many more.

Learn more about IRWIN'S commitment to First Nations.

Leverage IRWIN'S experience for all your training program needs,

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Regardless of your safety needs as a growing business, established company, or large-scale corporation, IRWIN'S SAFETY is ready to team up with you to generate incredible results. From Emergency Response Planning to achieving International certification, we've got you covered. If it is safety related, you can be certain we do it.

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