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Medical Equipment

Every project requires medical equipment on site. In industrial settings, where jobs are often high-risk and remote where emergency services may not be readily accessible, it is even more important to ensure that the right medical equipment is in place.

According to BC law, if a worksite is more than 20 minutes away from the nearest hospital, emergency responders must be deployed on-site. If you are wanting to make your worksite compliant with regulations, consult this guide created by WorkSafe BC which outlines the 6 steps required to conduct a first-aid assessment:

  1. Identify the workplace
  2. Determine the hazard rating
  3. Consider surface travel time to the nearest hospital
  4. Determine the number of workers on shift
  5. Find the required first aid services for your workplace
  6. Review your assessment

IRWIN'S will rent you the medical equipment you require to ensure your worksite is in compliance with the law. We will also provide necessary medical personnel as required, including OFA Level 3 First Aid Attendants and Emergency Medical Responders (EMR).

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Medical Equipment
Medical Equipment
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