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In industrial settings, where jobs are often high-risk and remote, emergency services may not be readily accessible. It is paramount to ensure that medical personnel on site are well trained, have the appropriate qualifications and are well-suited to perform the job. 

While specific requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction and your worksite’s size, hazard level and distance from emergency services, most worksites further than 20 minutes from a hospital require at least one first aider on-site.

Our top-notch medical services team can help you through the entire process of understanding and meeting medical regulations. We do anything from assessments to emergency response:

  • Our first aid assessments analyze the size, location, and hazard level of your workplace in order to determine your first aid requirements 
  • Our medical equipment includes fully stocked mobile treatment centres and first aid materials to restock extant emergency transport vehicles or first aid rooms
  • Our on-site medical personnel include Level 3 Occupational First Aid Attendants and emergency medical responders (as required) 

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First Aid Assessments

First aid assessments identify whether your workplace requires a first aid attendant and identifies what certification they require for you to remain compliant.

WorkSafeBC defines the first aid assessment process as the following:
Identify the number of workplaces
First aid coverage should be based on the total workforce present at each workplace. If your assessment determines you have multiple workplaces, you must complete an assessment for each location.
Identify your workplace hazard rating
First aid coverage is also determined by your workplace hazard rating. This rating reflects the nature and extent of the risks and hazards in your workplace. WorkSafeBC uses three levels of hazard ratings: low, moderate, and high. You can find your rating on the classification unit description sent out every year or look up your classification unit online.
Consider the surface travel time to a hospital
The level of first aid service required changes if it would normally take more than 20 minutes to safely transport an injured worker to hospital by road or water.
Determine the number of workers on a shift

Different shifts may have different requirements. Be sure to account for all workers who may require first aid during a shift.

Determine the required first aid services for your workplace
By referring to the OHS Regulation and supporting Guidelines and consulting appropriate WorkSafeBC resources, you can best determine what first aid kits, facilities, emergency vehicles, and equipment you need.

Review your assessment

Once completed, IRWIN'S consultants will create an up-to-date, documented first aid procedure for your workplace to follow. 

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Medical Personnel

IRWIN'S Safety has the capacity to provide fully trained and experienced first aid and medical personnel to any project. Getting a first aid assessment will help you determine whether your workplace is required to have a first aid attendant and what certification each attendant should have. Our medical personnel are licensed and supplied with required equipment such as a Jumpkit, O2 kit, AED, Spineboard/clamshell and an MTC. In addition, they are trained to perform anything from patient assessments and treatments, to addressing emergencies in the field.

Our OFA3s and EMRs are licensed according to the EMALB (Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board) in BC and the ACP (Alberta College of Paramedics) in Alberta.

WorkSafeBC states that each first aid attendant must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have successfully completed a first aid training course or first aid examination developed or approved by WorkSafeBC.
  • Have a first aid certificate in good standing at the level required issued by WorkSafeBC or an agency approved by WorkSafeBC 

By choosing IRWIN'S you're ensuring that you get the highest quality of first aid attendants that are properly trained and prepared for whatever may happen on the job. 

First Aid Attendants (OFA3)

IRWIN'S will provide fully trained and competent Occupational First Aid Attendant (OFA Level 3). An attendant possessing a Level 3 certificate can work on any provincial workplace as a designated attendant.

Emergency Medical Responders (EMR)

IRWIN'S is able to provide basic life support services for your site by supplying Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) to effectively handle any pre-hospital emergency care requirements.

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Medical Equipment

Every project needs to have medical equipment on site. In industrial settings where jobs are often high-risk, remote and where emergency services may not be readily accessible, it is even more important to ensure that the right medical equipment is in place.

IRWIN’S can rent or sell you the medical equipment you require to ensure your worksite is in compliance with various regulations. We can provide fully stocked Jumpkits, O2 kits, AED, Spineboards/clamshells and MTCs. We inspect and maintain our equipment regularly. Our First aid kits are fully compliant with Alberta and BC safety legislations.

To view our stock of medical equipment and inquire about rentals or purchases, click the link below:

Medical Equipment

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At Irwin’s our passion is people. As a small, versatile company in the field of major industry, we offer a service-based approach which caters to specific organizational needs and offers professional strategies for managing projects better. Our mission is to form partnerships and leverage our safety expertise to create long-lasting industrial solutions that save money, keep workers safe, and ensure best practices.

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