ISO Certification Audit and Compliance Services

ISO Audit, Review & Design 

Achieve Compliance With ISO Services

Obtaining ISO certification requires more than just implementing an ISO-compliant Quality Management System (QMS). You need to prove your QMS meets rigorous ISO standards through comprehensive auditing and continual improvement. That's where Irwin's Safety can help. 

As Canada's premier ISO consultant, Irwin’s Safety offers end-to-end services for ISO auditing, reviews and ongoing QMS design. Our experts help you: 

  • Develop internal audit checklists to self-assess conformity and drive improvement 
  • Perform internal audits as an independent ISO internal auditor 
  • Identify corrective actions to resolve non-conformities before external audits 
  • Implement processes for continual QMS surveillance audits per ISO requirements 
  • Conduct management reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of your QMS 
  • Close any gaps between your current systems and ISO standards 
  • Advise on QMS policies, procedures and documentation for ISO alignment 
  • Optimize workflows, business processes and supplier quality to meet ISO specifications 

ISO Quality Management System Design

Our ISO Implementation

We assist with every step, from initial ISO-readiness assessments to mock audits, to getting certified after successful ISO external audits by accredited bodies. 

ISO Audit and Certification key processes: 

  • Evaluate your starting QMS to identify gaps vs. ISO standards 
  • Develop improvement plans and timelines for ISO conformance 
  • Perform internal audits and conduct management reviews 
  • Assist with implementing corrective actions 
  • Conduct final pre-assessment to confirm ISO readiness 
  • Connect you with approved registrars for formal ISO certification audits 
  • Support external audits and address any major non-conformities 
  • Maintain your ISO certification through continual improvements 

Let our veteran ISO auditors and QMS experts make ISO certification stress-free. We use proven project plans tailored to your organization's needs - maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs and business disruptions. 


ISO 45001 Audit and Safety Management Design
Customized Approach

Industries that Benefit from Professional ISO Audit Consulting

ISO assessment, auditing and certification services are valuable for organizations across many industries, including: 

  • Manufacturing - ISO 9001 certification verifies quality management for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. 
  • Healthcare - ISO audits help ensure safety and regulatory compliance per ISO 13485 standards. 
  • Technology - ISO 27001 audits validate robust information security management systems. 
  • Engineering - ISO 9001 and 14001 helps meet quality and environmental requirements. 
  • Food processing - ISO 22000 auditing demonstrates food safety management. 
  • Construction - ISO 45001 audits ensure effective occupational health and safety practices. 
  • Transportation - ISO 39001 audits verify road traffic safety management systems. 

Why ISO Certification Matters

  • Proves commitment to quality, safety, and performance 
  • Meets tender/bidding requirements 
  • Enhances reputation and satisfies customers 
  • Boosts efficiency, productivity and profitability 
  • Aligns operations with global best practices
  • Creates a culture of continuous improvement

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it important for Canadian companies to be ISO certified? 

ISO certification shows customers you adhere to strict international quality, safety and efficiency standards. It can meet tender requirements, enhance reputation, and satisfy stakeholders. 

Who performs an ISO audit? 

Internal audits are done by a company’s own trained auditors. External certification audits are performed by accredited third-party auditors from registrars like SAI Global. 

What is the purpose of an ISO audit? 

An ISO audit verifies that a company’s quality/safety management system conforms to ISO standards. It identifies any non-conformities to be addressed. This ensures compliance and continuous improvement. 

How do you pass an ISO audit? 

Passing requires having robust documentation, effective process controls, proper record keeping, and addressing any prior non-conformities. Our ISO audit preparation and training helps companies pass certification audits. 

Why Choose Irwin's Safety?

  • Proven Certification Process 
  • Certified QMS Experts 
  • Auditing Tool Development 
  • Cost-Effective Solutions 
  • Improved Compliance 
  • Unmatched Experience 
  • Industry Leader in Safety
  • 100% Certification Success 

Irwin's Safety has helped hundreds of companies successfully achieve ISO certification. Whether you're seeking ISO 9001 quality management certification or ISO 45001 occupational health and safety compliance, we have the proven roadmap to get you there. 

Invest in your future with internationally recognized ISO standards. 

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