Respiratory Fit Testing in Kelowna

Specializing in both qualitative and qualitative respiratory fit testing, our services are designed to ensure that our clients' respirators provide the highest level of protection against airborne hazards.

Irwin's Respiratory Fit Testing Services

Quantitative Fit Testing

Our quantitative fit testing utilizes PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester machine to measure the actual amount of leakage into the respirator. This method is not only highly accurate but also provides objective data, offering a clear and precise assessment of the respirator's fit. It's suitable for testing a wide range of respirators, including but not limited to N95 masks, half-mask, and full-face respirators. The quantitative test gives you a specific fit factor, indicating how well the respirator fits the user, which is crucial for environments where high levels of protection are necessary.

Qualitative Fit Testing

For scenarios where quantitative testing may not be required or feasible, our qualitative fit testing offers a reliable alternative. This method relies on the user's sensory detection of a test agent (such as taste, smell, or irritation) to assess the fit of the respirator. Though subjective, it is a trusted method for determining the adequacy of respirator fit for certain types of masks, including filtering facepieces like the N95. 

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What Masks Do We Test For?

Understanding that different industries and applications may require specific types of respirators, Irwin's Fit Testers are equipped to test a broad array of respirator styles. Whether your team uses half-mask respirators for light chemical work or full-face respirators for hazardous environments, we ensure that each piece of equipment is tested for optimal protection.