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IRWIN'S Industrial Solutions: Your Partner for Excellence in Job Site Services

At IRWIN'S, we understand that every job site faces unique challenges, from routine maintenance to emergency hazard abatement. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all your industrial, construction, and environmental needs. We're not just a service provider; we're your partner in ensuring efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Our Extensive Range of Services Includes:

Industrial Labour Expertise:

From complex demolition projects to precision excavation, our skilled labourers are equipped to handle a variety of industrial tasks:

  • Demolition and Decommissioning 
  • Fire and Spark Watch 
  • Water Filtration Systems 
  • Surface Condensers 
  • Baghouses 
  • Sandblasting 
  • Pressure-washing (hot and cold) 
  • Precipitators 
  • Vessels 
  • Equipment Blowdowns 

Industrial Hygiene and Machinery Maintenance:

We ensure your machinery and production spaces exceed industry standards, reducing the risk of failures or shutdowns.

Irwin's comprehensive maintenance services for a range of equipment, ensuring longevity and optimal performance inlcude:

  • Janitorial and Housekeeping 
  • Reclamation Services 
  • Site Maintenance 


Hazard Abatement and Environmental Safety:

We also specialize in removal of environmental hazards like mold, asbestos, and lead, ensuring a safe and compliant workplace.

Hazard Removal and Abatement Services: 

Irwin's provides: 
  • Asbestos Abatement 
  • Lead Abatement 
  • Environmental Remediation (Oil spills, etc.) 
  • Hazardous Materials 

Why Choose IRWIN'S?

  • Expertise: Our team comprises highly trained professionals with extensive experience in each service area.
  • Safety Standards: We adhere to the strictest safety protocols, ensuring all operations are conducted with utmost care.
  • Efficiency: Our solutions are designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.
  • Custom Solutions: We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your site, ensuring a perfect fit for your requirements.
  • Sustainable Practices: We are committed to environmentally responsible methods in all our services.

Partner with IRWIN'S for reliable, efficient, and expert solutions that keep your job site running smoothly and safely. Let us handle the complexities, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Industrial Labour

Looking to staff a turnaround? Hire labourers to help you finish a construction project? Need spark watch for a hot work project?

Industrial labour can take many forms, and IRWIN’S understands that every contractor’s needs are different. With that in mind, we provide a wide range of skilled labourers to help fulfill all your industrial staffing needs. Non-union IRWIN’S workers are locally sourced and trained, making them both readily available on short notice and a cost-effective alternative to larger labour organizations.

Skilled Tradesperson Assistants:

IRWIN’S labourers assist skilled tradespersons in a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Gathering parts and equipment for supervising tradesmen
  • Installing, operating, maintaining and repairing machinery/equipment of moderate complexity
  • Operating light automotive equipment
  • Operating simple machines and motors
  • Moving, loading and unloading materials
  • Erecting and dismantling materials
  • Checking gauges and instruments
  • Reading and utilizing blueprints
Decommissioning or Demolition Labourers:

IRWIN’S demo/decommissioning labourers work on sites at the end of their current life-cycle. Labourers help with all aspects of the decommissioning and demolition process, including:

  • Dismantling and removing building materials
  • Using tools such as crowbars, hammers, etc.
  • Operating heavy equipment (i.e. dozers/loaders)
  • Moving, loading and unloading materials
  • Assisting crane operators
  • Site cleanup
  • Site remediation
Fire and Spark Watch Attendants:

IRWIN’S Fire and Spark Watch attendants monitor hot work projects to prevent and eliminate potential fires in the spark stage. These attendants have an advanced understanding of fire behaviour and are trained in fire suppression techniques, particularly the operation of fire extinguishers. Their duties include:

  • Worksite inspections
  • Developing a site-specific job hazard analysis (JHA)
  • Implementing JHA controls
  • Setting up & dismantling fire suppression systems
  • Enforcing pre-soak protocols before the commencement of hot work
  • Monitoring hot work
Assorted Industrial Labourers:

If the specific type of worker you require isn’t listed above please contact your local IRWIN’S rep to discover how we we can best fulfill your industrial labour needs!

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Railroad Services

Keeping trains running on time is critical to getting products delivered on-time and maintaining rail as a viable shipping option. Over time tracks break down and need to be replaced, and inclement weather or environmental factors can lead to tracks becoming blocked with dangerous snow, ice or debris. IRWIN’S can help with all aspects of railway construction and maintenance, from engineering and design, to laying tracks, to clearing extant tracks, to keeping rail lines running smoothly.

IRWIN’S railway engineers can:
  • Ensure your track design complies with government and industry standards
  • Design curves and derails to accommodate terrain
  • Adapt your design to fit environmental and load needs, including limited clearances
  • Plan resources
  • Plan your budget
On the labour and maintenance side, IRWIN’S professionals can assist with:
  • Laying or replacing main tracks and derails
  • Laying wood, concrete and steel ties
  • Welding
  • Track surfacing and lining
  • Gauging and calibration
  • Lubrication
  • Much more

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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial machinery and equipment requires regular servicing and cleaning to minimize downtime and prevent clogs or breakdowns which might precipitate costly slowdowns or shutdowns. With our many years of experience in all aspects of industrial maintenance, IRWIN’S industrial cleaning professionals effectively service and clean your equipment to get it back online as quickly as possible.


Some of our industrial cleaning services include:

Surface Condensers and Heat Exchangers:

Surface condensers play an important role in the thermal energy generation cycle, but they must be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging and corrosion. Cleaning maximizes surface area while minimizing resistance to fluid flow through the exchanger. Since the tubes inside condensers are too small to be accessed manually, surface condensers require professional cleaning. Regularly servicing condensers is environmentally friendly and saves on costs by minimizing downtime.

Baghouse Maintenance:

Baghouses serve an important function on many power plants and other industrial facilities, but torn bags and damaged cages can lead to expensive and time-consuming downtime. For optimal results, facilities should perform regular leak tests and pre-emptively change entire sets of filter bags rather than waiting for failures and replacing individual bags.

IRWIN’S provides material and labourers to service all aspects of baghouse maintenance and repair, including powder leak tests, industrial filter replacement and more. Our goal is to get each baghouse back online as soon as possible to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.  

Water Filtration Systems:

Water intended for power generation must be filtered to keep steam generation systems running efficiently and reduce shutdowns and stoppages. Consequently, water filters need to be regularly changed. Additionally, in cold-weather climates where ice blockages reduces generation efficiency, they also require de-icing.

Assorted Industrial Cleaning:

Other industrial cleaning services offer by IRWIN’S include, but are not limited to:

  • Sandblasting 
  • Pressure-washing (hot and cold)
  • Precipitator Servicing/Cleaning 
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning 
  • Equipment Blowdowns 

These are distinct from air cleaners, which use disposable filters to remove dust. – i.e. precipitators.

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General Maintenance

Need someone to clean up workspaces and take out the garbage? Remove asbestos from contaminated areas? Remediate a worksite no longer in use? 

Whatever life-cycle stage your worksite is at, it’s a safe bet that it needs maintenance services. IRWIN’S is here to perform general maintenance, hazard abatement, or site remediation. 

General Site Maintenance:

IRWIN'S will help manage your worksite by providing general maintenance workers to service your active worksite.


Our maintenance workers help with:

  • Janitorial services
  • Housekeeping
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Waste removal
  • Any other site maintenance needs
Hazard Abatement & Site Remediation:

IRWIN’S Hazard Abatement Team removes hazardous materials such as mold or asbestos from affected areas. Our Site Remediation Team helps turn your brownfield into a greenfield in the aftermath of a project. In the case of major industrial incidents such as oil spills, fires, or explosions, IRWIN’S deploys a combination hazmat/remediation team to help contain and remediate highly contaminated sites.


Our hazard abatement and site remediation team help with the following:

  • Mold Abatement
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Lead Abatement
  • Site Remediation (i.e. excavation, re-seeding)
  • Hazmat Response for Contaminated Sites

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At Irwin’s our passion is people. As a small, versatile company in the field of major industry, we offer a service-based approach which caters to specific organizational needs and offers professional strategies for managing projects better. Our mission is to form partnerships and leverage our safety expertise to create long-lasting industrial solutions that save money, keep workers safe, and ensure best practices.

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