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Loss Prevention

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Benefits of Outsourcing
Loss Prevention Programs


IRWIN'S offers a full spectrum of services to provide risk and hazard management reduction on industrial worksites. We work with industries that include but are not limited to: Power Generation and Distribution, Mining and Metals, Forest Products, Oil & Gas, and Pipeline Construction. IRWIN'S supplies and manages loss prevention teams, and provides consulting services. Our approach is to combine medical and rescue workers who support worksite activities and minimize the risks to the health and safety of individuals involved.  

Loss Prevention Services

All worksites need to be protected against theft, trespassing and other interferences. Hiring professional security officers can be expensive and is not always necessary on private properties. IRWIN'S provides our staff with a custom made training program that prepares them to record manpower entering and exiting a site and provide emergency response support and medical services when required. 

*Disclaimer* We are not a registered security company and as such do not provide security services on public properties*

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Benefits of Outsourcing Loss Prevention Services

IRWIN'S Loss Prevention services consist of taking the right steps to prevent losses on a worksite. By outsourcing your Loss Prevention to IRWIN'S Safety, we help increase your return on investment through our loss prevention expertise, our strategic and reactive thinking, and our proven record of successful projects. 

Our operational processes, employee training, and dedication to safe and profitable worksites are why IRWIN'S is a leader in safety and loss prevention. Allow us to worry about the day-to-day securing of your worksite. 

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Loss Prevention Programs

What is a Loss Prevention Program?

Loss Prevention is the concept of establishing policies, procedures and business practices to prevent financial, production, or inventory losses. Developing an effective Loss Prevention Program around this concept will help your organization reduce the exposure to loss and their likelihood.

How can IRWIN'S Safety help with the development of a Loss Prevention Program?

IRWIN'S will help you align your company objectives with our proven loss prevention strategies. We will help you identify the gaps in your current systems and develop a loss prevention strategy addressing all of your needs. 

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At Irwin’s our passion is people. As a small, versatile company in the field of major industry, we offer a service-based approach which caters to specific organizational needs and offers professional strategies for managing projects better. Our mission is to form partnerships and leverage our safety expertise to create long-lasting industrial solutions that save money, keep workers safe, and ensure best practices.

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