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Mining Ground Support Services

Safe, Stable Mining with Ground Support 

Underground mining presents many potential risks and hazards for mining operations. Proactive ground support is essential for protecting personnel, equipment and production. At Irwin's Safety, we provide specialized ground support solutions tailored to your unique mining conditions and challenges. 

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What is Mining Ground Support? 

It involves installing engineered systems to stabilize underground excavations and prevent uncontrolled rock falls. It is a critical risk management strategy in both underground and surface mining. 

Ground support solutions include: 

  • Rock bolts and cable bolts to pin and cable together rock strata 
  • Wire mesh, shotcrete and membranes to cover exposed surfaces 
  • Trusses, straps, anchors and spiles for local support 
  • Smart, yielding and energy-absorbing support systems -Barricades, stents, fencing and nets to isolate hazards 
  • Specialized ventilation and drainage systems 
  • Regular scaling and maintenance protocols

Effective ground support improves safety, allows access to ore, prevents collapse and minimizes disruptions. It requires understanding rock mass characteristics, excavation dimensions, induced stresses and planned mining sequences. 

Customized Approach

Who Needs Mining Ground Support? 

All mining companies require engineered ground support systems including: 

  • Hard rock metal mines 
  • Coal mines 
  • Potash and salt mines 
  • Mineral mines 
  • Tunneling operations 
  • Quarries or any underground excavation site 

Mines with lower quality rock mass, greater depths/spans, seismic activity or adverse conditions need more extensive support. Real-time remote monitoring is becoming essential for early hazard detection. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the main supports used in underground mining? 

Common supports include rock bolts, cable bolts, shotcrete, steel sets, wood cribs, pillars, and backfill. Selection depends on factors like rock mass characterization, dimensions and stress. 

What is surface support in mining? 

Surface support protects active pit areas from wall failures. This can include shotcrete, mesh, anchors, benching, drainage and monitoring. 

What is a ground support system? 

It is the complete integrated system of surface support and reinforcement used to maintain excavation stability. This includes wide variety of specialist ground support products. 

What are the key ground support materials? 

Bolts, cables, mesh, shotcrete, straps, mats and seals. Advanced materials like polymers and composites are also used. Design is based on Rock Mechanics analysis. 

How can we incorporate risk management? 

By conducting engineering studies, testing support, monitoring ground behavior, and integrating operational evidence into support plans and designs to manage corporate risk. 

Why Choose Irwin's Safety?

When selecting a service provider, expertise and experience are critical. 

Irwin's Safety offers: 

  • In-house engineering expertise 
  • Site-specific ground stability assessment 
  • 3D mapping of rock mass conditions 
  • Data-driven and optimized support designs 
  • Risk-based ground support recommendations 
  • Testing and analysis of support elements
  • Integration of real-time monitoring technology
  • Supply and installations services
  • Training programs for site personnel
  • Ongoing maintenance audits and advice
Our tailored solutions combine stability analysis with innovative support products and applications. This provides effective, economical ground control that enhances safety, access and productivity. 


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