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Streamlining Recruitment for Power Generation Client with Irwin's Solutions


The client's main pain points revolved around the difficulty in recruiting local talent, which led to increased costs and logistical complications. Their reliance on staff from remote areas resulted in high incidental and Living Out Allowance (LOA) costs, straining the company's budget and operational efficiency. Moreover, the lack of a flexible workforce that could rapidly adapt to varying project scopes was a significant operational constraint.



Irwin's intervened with a strategic solution leveraging its extensive database of over 500 active employees across Canada. This vast pool of potential candidates enabled Irwin's to swiftly recruit local/close in proximity employees, effectively addressing the client's recruitment challenges. By utilizing local talent, Irwin's not only reduced the hiring costs but also eliminated the need for LOA, thereby directly benefiting the client's bottom line.

Irwin's ability to provide trained safety watch personnel or janitorial crews on a 24-hour notice significantly enhanced the client's operational flexibility and responsiveness to project demands. The partnership has fostered a deep trust, with the client now relying on Irwin's for ongoing janitorial projects and a variety of other roles requiring quick turnaround times.

The Result

  • Cost Reduction: The client saw a drastic reduction in incidental and LOA costs by employing local talent, directly impacting their operational efficiency and budget.
  • Increased Trust and Reliability: The successful fulfillment of staffing needs on short notice has built a strong trust between the client and Irwin's, making Irwin's a go-to partner for diverse project requirements.
  • Operational Flexibility: The client now benefits from a flexible workforce that can be quickly adapted to different project scopes, ensuring smooth and efficient project execution.
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