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The National Fire Protection Association defines Ultra High Pressure (UHP) as fire suppression of over 1100 PSI at the pump. PyroHMA uses UHP at 1200 PSI to break down the water droplet size to 1/64th the size, therefore creating 12-16X the surface area of conventional fire suppression methods.


By reducing the droplet size of water, UHP increases the surface area for any given volume of water by 16 to 20 times. This allows this technology to absorb heat and extinguish fires in record time.


With the introduction of the PyroUHP Ultra High Pressure Fire Suppression Systems, the ability to cool the gaseous phase of the fire becomes a real alternative to physically taking the energy out of the thermal column.


PyroUHP uses 1200 PSI to create the most effective water droplet. This water droplet is light enough to travel in the flowpath of the fire and suppress it from a safe distance. It has been shown to be as effective as extinguishing 90-95% of the fire via indirect fire attack.

Attack from the safe zone!


A Safer Answer for Every Fire Attack

PyroUHP has been tested and proven effective for a wide range of applications. The base unit installs easily into any type of fire apparatus, including municipal, rescue, ARFF, hazardous material and rapid intervention vehicles.

Wildland Fire

The weight of a vehicle determines its speed to the fire and ability to access the fire. By increasing the effectiveness of the water by 5 times or better we can reduce the size of the vehicle without giving up fire suppression capability. In most cases with a wildland fire you only have the water that you carry in, you’d better make the most of it.

Vehicle Fires

One of the most effective uses of the PyroBlitz technology is for putting out Vehicle fires. The keys to success with a vehicle fire are mobility to get to the fire quickly and maneuverability once on the scene.

PyroBlitz provides both. Increasing the waters effectiveness allows you to reduce the water needed, thereby reducing the size of the fire truck needed (it is rare with the PyroBlitz to have to use more than 15-20 gallons of just water to put out a full car fire). Smaller, faster trucks and quicker deployment save very precious time in a vehicle fire.

Once on scene, maneuverability becomes the key to putting out a vehicle fire quickly. The ability to direct the flow into every nook and cranny of the vehicle is very important. The ¾” PyroBlitz line allows you this maneuverability. These light microdroplets will get into corner of the vehicle and pulled toward the fire in the flow path.


The transitional attack principle of utilizing gas cooling along with surface cooling has a profound effect in that minimal water is required due to the ultra-high pressure water mist technology involved. The unique feature of being able to penetrate using the Lance from the outside in very quick time allows fast control of the interior fire conditions from a defensive exterior position, without the risk of fire fighter exposure. Once the interior fire conditions have been brought under control, enter the fire zone with the Blitz attack line to suppress and overhaul the fire using UHP fog in a fast moving attack with high mobility and fierce knockdown power. 


Today’s Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) emergencies require quick response and the ability to access complex composite structures such as those found on 5th generation combat aircraft. PyroLance gives crews access to engine bays, cabins, cargo holds or anywhere else fire breaks out. By directing the powerful UHP stream directly at the source of the fire, fires can be cooled and extinguished with maximum effectiveness. PyroLance can also be combined with foam systems for Class B capability. For more information, watch our U.S. Air Force video.


PyroLance is unique in that it provides for a standoff attack, while still giving marine crews the ability to attack a shipboard fire offensively. Firefighters can pierce through the thick steel of a bulkhead without allowing entrainment of oxygen, then deliver water at 1,500 psi (100 Bar) at speeds of 400 mph (645 kph) directly into the thermal column for rapid containment of the fire.

Special Operations

Pyrolance and Pyroblitz are both unique technologies capable of bringing fire under control rapidly with extremely low water requirement. Pyrolance has the unique ability to extinguish hidden class A or B fires by introducing foam solution via the Lance after access has been gained using the proprietary penetrating technology.

Pyrolance can even be integrated with robotic vehicles to enable true stand–off attack on an incident where there is great risk to emergency services personnel.

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