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Safety Management Systems Overview

Worker health and safety has real, measurable benefits – both from the perspective of a compassionate employer and in dollars and cents. Incidents have measurable costs – such as increased workers’ compensation premiums – but far greater are the indirect costs – such as downtime. 

Safety management systems are the first step toward mitigating OHS risk in any workplace, helping you control health and safety hazards and implement protocols to make safety management more efficient, effective and trackable.

Whether you're looking update, improve, or assess your safety management system, take advantage of Irwin’s! We can help you maintain, update and improve your safety management systems in a range of ways:

  • Our assessments help you improve efficiency with safety management software 
  • Our maintenance programs help you achieve COR certification (and the associated 20% reduction in WCB insurance premiums)
  • Our hygiene programs help you manage contractors and ensure that they follow all health and safety protocols
  • Our safety management system development program performs a gap analysis of your current, domestic HSMS as you expand internationally and develop your global QHSE program around an ISO 45001 standard

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Why Use SiteDocs?

More Effective Safety Monitoring
“What happens on the job site no longer stays on the job site.”

SiteDocs allows you to monitor in real time whether documentation is being filled out and to respond quickly to hazards, incidents, or disciplinary actions happening on site. This type of monitoring brings a new type of accountability to your supervisors or sub-trades and allows you to maintain a higher standard of safety company-wide.

Enhanced Safety Culture
“There’s been a shift in our company and safety is finally ‘cool’ again.” 

Launching SiteDocs within your company is a great way to show your workers that safety is top priority. Safety doesn’t have to be a disorganized mystery anymore. Now with the whole safety program at their fingertips, it’s easier than ever for all your workers to buy into the safety program – they really have no excuse.

Better Due Diligence
“The pictures and time-stamp unequivocally prove due diligence.”

Each signature has the employee’s name clearly printed next to it and is automatically time stamped, proving the signature wasn’t backdated. You can also add photos to prove a corrective action was taken, to document an injury, and more. It’s one thing to show due diligence with words on paper but another thing altogether to prove it with a photo.

Enjoy the Benefits of Digital Forms
“Do you remember when we didn’t have email and had to write letters with pen and paper? I expect very shortly we’ll say the same about safety.”

Proudly-Paperless-1Easy-to-Fill-Out Forms 
Learning to fill out forms on the app and using it on site is easy. Check boxes, add photos, and sign documents all with the tip of your finger! Furthermore, you can type comments without ever worrying about running out of space. And by using your device’s voice dictation technology, you can even use your voice to fill out textbox areas, instantly converting your spoken words into written.

Instantly Available at Head Office 
Once a form is filled out and signed on a mobile device, it is automatically time stamped, saved to your account, and available at Head Office. You don’t have to store it on site, drive it back to Head Office, or spend any time filing it. You also don’t ever have to deal with forms being damaged, lost, or forgotten again.

Always Have the Most Current Version
When it comes to using paper, creating or updating a form can be a nightmare. Not only is paper wasted by making hundreds of photocopies, but inevitably someone on a jobsite will accidentally use an old version of a form. With SiteDocs, you can update forms and documents online and with a click of your mouse, every jobsite automatically gets the latest version.

SiteDOCS userOn-Site Access to Your Safety Documents
“Don’t waste time flipping pages in a binder – a quick search and your document is right there!”

SiteDocs for iPad gives you easy access to all your safety documents. Now your Safety Manual, Toolbox Talks, Safe Work Practices, Safe Job Procedures, MSDS sheets, and more are all just a tap away. Want to find a Safe Job Procedure on scaffolding? No problem! Simply type ‘scaffolding’ in the search bar and it’s instantly available.

Smart Employee Certifications
“I can see all employee certifications and even check which ones are expiring soon.”

SiteDocs does the work of tracking each employee’s individual certifications, as well as showing you which certifications in your company are coming due for renewal.

All Your Forms Are Automatically Filed
“I can tell you this: I don’t miss my filing cabinet!”

You can login from any computer’s web browser to see the forms your employees have filled out. Forms are automatically grouped by project and sorted by date or form type. You can also open employee profiles and view every form an employee has ever signed.

Learn the App in 15 Minutes or Less
“After watching the 13-minute training video, my supervisors were ready to use SiteDocs on site.”
There’s no elaborate training program or time off work required to learn SiteDocs for iPad. Our intuitive app paired with our step-by-step walk-through tutorial means you can use it on site in no time at all.

Use It Without Internet
“We don’t get cell service in some of the remote job sites we have so offline mode was a huge lifesaver.”

Unlike web-based applications, if you have poor cellular coverage or are working in an area with no connectivity, you can continue using SiteDocs without interruption. SiteDocs automatically syncs your forms once you reconnect to a network.

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Site Docs
Go Paperless!


SiteDocs Helps With COVID-19


Going paperless is an essential component of the IRWIN'S Advantage, and COVID-19 has made going paperless on YOUR worksite more critical than ever! Keeping your job site paperless limits human interaction (the SAFETY advantage), collect and manage reliable data (the QUALITY advantage) and quickly update processes to respond to increased risks and potential health crises (the EFFICIENCY advantage). IRWIN'S will set up SiteDocs on your worksite TODAY to help you assess, mitigate and manage your COVID-19 risks.

SiteDocs will help your organization to:

· Maintain social distancing on the job site

· Update employees on the latest COVID news and regulations

· Implement and track COVID protocols

· Perform contact tracing

PAPERLESS process-01-1

THE SAFETY ADVANTAGE: Limit Human Interaction

Processing documents through a paperless online platform minimizes the need for person-to-person interactions, extra trips, and office foot traffic, allowing for social distancing. No forms to handle means less opportunity for transference of germs at point-of-contact, and administrators who do not need to handle paper documents may be able to perform many of their tasks from home.

THE QUALITY ADVANTAGE: Collect and Manage Reliable Data

Ensure that COVID protocols are being followed by creating COVID-adjacent forms that employees must fill out to complete tasks. These forms could include self-assessments, hazard assessments and more. Compliance can be tracked in a number of ways. These include making certain forms mandatory, cross-referencing, or implementing algorithms that create alerts when protocols are not being followed.

THE EFFICIENCY ADVANTAGE: Immediately Update Processes to Respond to Risks and Crises

Using a paperless platform makes it easy for management to send regular updates on any COVID-related news that employees can easily access. For example, if a COVID outbreak in your area leads to a change in local COVID regulations, quickly write up a memo and distribute it to all employees through the SiteDocs platform.

You can also create forms that track interactions between employees, create a network of contact points that makes it easy to retroactively contact trace in the event of a COVID infection. This allows you to quickly and easily implement proactive measures such as quarantining exposed workers and sending them for testing.


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COR (Certificate of Recognition)

A Certificate of Recognition means that your Health & Safety, and Environment (HSE) system has been approved by a Partner-In-Injury reduction organization. This approval is endorsed by the province and recognized nationwide, is a requirement for work on many major industrial projects and can reduce your WCB premiums by up to 20%.

IRWIN'S will guide your team through the process of achieving a COR through the appropriate PIR association. Depending upon the implementation level of your current organizational health and safety culture, we offer:

  • Health and Safety Program development, review, and modifications
  • PIR association assessment and selection
  • Experienced consultants and certified COR auditors
  • Post-audit corrective action planning and implementation

Engage IRWIN'S for all your COR needs!

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Contractor Management

Contractor management software helps manage compliance when working with outside contractors or agencies.

When industrial companies develop Global Health Safety, and Environmental (HSE) systems and associated protocols, it is important to ensure that all contractors on-site are in compliance. IRWIN'S Safety can help your company set up and implement contractor management software such as ISNetworld, Avetta, or Complyworks to better integrate your contractor experience and bring you in compliance with regulations.

Count on IRWIN'S for all your Contractor Management software needs. Contact us today to find the software that is ideal for you.

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Contractor Management
Manage Your Contractors

Global HSE System Development

A Global Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) system is a comprehensive network of plans, strategies, protocols and more used to manage all aspects of safety on and around your worksite. This system prevents incidents, creates effective incident response, maintains industrial hygiene, and more.

IRWIN'S consultants perform gap analysis on your existing HSE systems to isolate problems and find solutions. We  bring your Global HSE in line with ISO 140001 QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) protocols, creating a fully-integrated, efficient QHSE system that follows a continuous improvement model of preparation, execution, analysis and revision. We also prepare your company for external audits to receive ISO 14001 certification.

IRWIN'S stands ready to work with you on all your Health & Safety System needs!

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IRWIN'S SAFETY MANAGEMENT unities your team in a common effort, led by experts familiar with your goals, systems, and culture. With years of field-proven industry experience we will help you achieve your vision.

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