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Traffic Control Plans for Optimal Road Safety.

When it comes to construction projects, especially those impacting public roads, effective traffic management is crucial. A detailed traffic control plan is not just a requirement for compliance; it's a key element of road safety and hazard mitigation. Irwin's Safety provides comprehensive traffic control plan development services, ensuring every aspect of traffic coordination and roadwork safety is meticulously addressed.

What is a Traffic Management Plan?

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is a critical component of traffic plan design and implementation. It goes beyond placing traffic barriers and cones; it's about developing custom traffic management solutions for construction sites, ensuring both worker and public safety.

Advanced Roadwork Safety and Coordination Services

Purpose of TMP

The goal of a TMP is to prioritize road safety and reduce the risk of accidents. This involves:

  • Preventing worker injuries with effective construction traffic management.
  • Ensuring public access with minimal disruption through efficient traffic detour and diversions planning.
  • Meeting legal requirements for traffic management and safety planning.

With over a decade of experience, Irwin’s Safety specializes in traffic flow optimization for urban projects, delivering tailored TMPs that cater to specific project hazards and regulations.

WHS Responsibilities in Traffic Control

Construction managers have key responsibilities:

  • Assessing traffic risks before project commencement.
  • Planning vehicle routes and managing pedestrian walkways, leveraging advanced roadwork safety and coordination services.
  • Enforcing safety measures, including speed limits and proper equipment usage.
Efficient Traffic Detour and Diversions Planning
Customized Approach

Managing Key Traffic Risks with Professional Road Safety Planning Solutions

Irwin's Safety manages traffic risks through:

  • Addressing worker/vehicle collisions and visibility issues.
  • Ensuring adequate pedestrian/vehicle separation with safety-first traffic barrier and signage solutions.
  • Preparing for unpredictable public traffic flows with detailed construction traffic management plans.

Traffic Control Plan Components

Our traffic control plans encompass:

  • Strategic placement of warning signage and enforcement of reduced speed limits for enhanced road safety.
  • Utilizing traffic cones and barriers for road closures and work zone separation.
  • Establishing temporary pedestrian crossings and designated parking areas, essential for traffic detour planning.

When TMPs Are Necessary

Traffic Management Plans are vital for:

  • Construction sites, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.
  • Roadwork projects, including tunnel and bridge repairs.
  • Infrastructure builds near schools, parks, or urban areas, where traffic coordination is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does traffic affect our environment?

Traffic, particularly in congested areas, contributes to air pollution and climate change through vehicle emissions.

What are traffic control methods for construction sites?

Effective methods include signage, channelizing devices, and traffic officers' coordination, integral to our integrated traffic control services for large-scale projects.

What should an event traffic management plan include?

A comprehensive plan covers parking management, pedestrian routing, public transport coordination, and contingency planning.

Why Choose Irwin's Safety

Irwin's Safety is a trusted name in traffic control plans in Canada, known for:

  • Extensive experience in traffic management.
  • Customized, site-specific solutions.
  • Comprehensive risk identification and legal compliance.
  • Warranted, legally compliant documentation.


Safely directing traffic flow is vital for successful and safe construction projects. With Irwin's Safety, avoid the pitfalls of inadequate traffic management, ensuring productivity and compliance with the latest traffic control and road safety regulations."


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