Can your company increase efficiency through safety programs?

by admin, on Nov 29, 2015 9:00:00 PM

Most people involved in business have come across the “Iron Triangle” of project management:

Cost Cope Time

It is from this model that the adage is drawn: “Fast, cheap, good- you can have any two”. As this pertains to facility Turnarounds, where quick execution is critical, most times it is the costs that get out of control. What if you could break outside the these constraints and increase Efficiency while maintaining Quality? Well, Irwin’s Safety is helping select clients do just that and here follows an overview of our innovative program.

Our initiative begins with the realization, that as a Safety provider, we are ultimately charged with mitigating risks. Being in business, just like our clients, we further understand that these risks absolutely include fiscal losses. It is from this point that we developed a program to give a value-added service to our clients, ensuring the safety not only of each and every worker, the facility and its environment, but also using our considerable manpower resources to track efficiency throughout the entire turnaround process.

Imagine if you could track the efficiencies of all your contractors working on site during a turnaround.

From a production standpoint – motion is money.  The bulk of our capital investment in maintenance somehow involves workers with tools in their hands, working towards a clearly-defined result.  Clearly, then, our goal is to maximize tool time while minimizing idle or inefficient time.  But if the turnaround management team doesn’t have the time or personnel to accurately gauge the efficiency of the many sub-projects on site, how do they know if they are getting a fair return on their investment?

This is where we step up to help those who need it most.

Most of the maintenance managers that we work with on turnarounds are running hair-straight-back, and surely can’t be expected to shoulder yet another-layer of data-tracking in this hectic environment.

 But what if many of the man-power loading projections are based on outdated or erroneous data?  Are your various sub-trades going to volunteer that, “Hey man, I know that you budgeted 1500 man hours for this condenser tube swap out, but it really only takes us 1100.  We’d hate to charge you a penny more than necessary”.

 Yeah, right.  That’s not our experience of the work world.  There’s a saying in business: “If you can’t document it, you can’t administrate it”.  And here’s a variation on that theme – if you can’t track your efficiency accurately you can’t budget accurately, and how many times can you count in your work life that you got the end of any major project and said, “Geez, that cost way less than we projected”.

And here’s where we get to what is an important point. That we, as safety contractors have a fiscal allegiance to only one party – the client. If our only mission is to mitigate risk; and that’s risk of any sort, including risk of loss to ROI, then we are naturally positioned to help the customer towards this end.

Ok, let’s bring all this into focus. From a budgetary standpoint, with our program, safety oversight shifts from a necessary evil to a value-added service. We, the safety sub-contractors, become more than a band-aid you never want to use, or that 911 call you hope to never make, and step up to become partners in an inter-disciplinary team that provides performance data never before available to the operation.

With this now accurate data in hand, your manpower loading projections become way more accurate and thus your response to tender sharpens as well. After even one turnaround with this baseline information in hand, you will be able to identify gaps in the service supply chain that are very often buried in the hectic atmosphere of these events.

Contact our team to discover the details of how we can put this cost-saving program to work for your facility. And remember, this unique program is included in our competitive pricing. We look forward to becoming your partner in safety.



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