Dedicated Evacuation Platform: A MUST for construction sites in Vancouver

by Emilia Dudova, on Jun 2, 2023 10:26:39 AM


With Vancouver's diverse population and numerous high-rise building construction sites, ensuring safety and swift evacuation during emergencies is essential. 

According to section 4.13 of the OHS Regulation, work at high angles requires specialized rescue, which can be effectively performed using DEPs hoisted by a tower or mobile crane.

Dedicated evacuation platforms (DEPs) are innovative solutions that have revolutionized emergency evacuations in urban areas. These platforms provide a reliable means of transport during emergencies, allowing people to effectively evacuate the affected area. Equipped with advanced safety features such as robust handrails, non-slip surfaces, and emergency braking systems, these platforms provide a secure and reliable means of escape.

DEPs are not limited to high-rise buildings alone. These platforms can be customized and installed in various settings, adapting to the specific needs of each location. Whether it's evacuating construction workers from their worksite, a large crowd during a sports event or ensuring the safe transport of patients in hospitals, dedicated evacuation platforms offer versatile solutions for a range of scenarios. 

Dedicated evacuation platforms not only prioritize the safety of workers and building occupants but also facilitate Vancouver's emergency response team efficiency. These platforms enable first responders to access upper floors quickly, assess the situation, and provide assistance. This collaboration is vital for saving lives and minimizing the impact of emergencies on the employer and community. 

At Irwin's we are able to sell or rent Dedicated Evacuation Platforms in Vancouver. Our DEPs come equipped with: 

  • 2 Fall protection harnesses
  • 2 Tethers
  • 1 Spine Board with Straps and Blankets
  • 1 Basket Stretcher
  • 1 Knife
  • 1 Bolt Cutter

As safety remains a top priority in Vancouver, DEPs have emerged as crucial components of the city's emergency preparedness strategy. These platforms ensure swift and secure evacuations, particularly in high-rise buildings and various other locations. By embracing these innovative solutions, Vancouver continues to set an example for other cities in prioritizing the well-being of its population during emergencies.

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