Elevate your Wildland Fire Safety Strategy with Irwin’s: Advanced Fire Preparedness

by Emilia Dudova, on Feb 8, 2024 9:48:40 AM

As the wildland fire season approaches, preparedness plans are not just routine paperwork—they are critical documents that ensure the safety of your workers and the protection of the environment. However, when standard templates fail to meet evolving contract requirements, it’s time to rethink your approach.



The 2024 Challenge

This year, you might find yourself surprised when your usual fire control and evacuation plans are rejected by the client. The landscape of provincial fire and safety has changed; there’s a demand for detailed, actionable plans and a new position: the “Fireboss”.

Finding an Experienced Fire Crew

If you're not an expert in fire safety, meeting these stringent requirements can seem daunting. This is where Irwin’s Safety steps in. We specialize in helping you manage the wide range of potential hazards and complexities of fire safety obligations.

Irwin’s Services

We offer comprehensive services tailored to the current legal requirements:

  • Mandatory S-100 Safety Training: Providing the essential training your staff needs to stay updated with the latest fire safety protocols.
  • Specialized Fire Safety Courses: Beyond the basics, we offer specialized wildland fire watcher and Fireboss training to elevate your team’s expertise.
  • Document Development: We handle the creation of your documentation requirements, from development to draft, ensuring a thorough review before finalization.

Beyond the Basics

While covering basic needs might give you a momentary sense of relief, we understand that working under a Fire Danger Rating level Five raises concerns about true readiness. That’s why our support extends beyond just planning and access to training.

Advanced Support

Irwin’s Safety provides experienced fire bosses and initial attack crews ready to tackle the risks head-on, safeguarding your workers, company, and the community.

Don’t let the fear of unpreparedness cast a shadow over your fire season. Contact Irwin’s Safety to discuss custom fire solutions that address your unique needs. Let us help you not just meet but exceed safety standards, because when it comes to fire safety, good enough simply isn’t enough.

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