Safety Tips for University Students

by Amanda Filippone, on Apr 19, 2022 11:54:09 AM


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It’s important for students and staff to be made aware of the ways to stay safe on campus while they are attending a university. There are a few ways to look out for each other and ensure that no one is put into an uncomfortable and potentially harmful situation. The following safety tips can help students and staff avoid unsafe situations altogether or learn how to act if you happen to find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Locate Public Safety/Emergency Offices

 It’s crucial to understand where emergency offices are located in case you are ever put into a risky situation. Typically, universities will hold a meeting with students and staff to let them know where these offices are located. Be sure to have their contact information as well in case you can't get to the actual office in time.

Knowing your way around campus will be extremely helpful, and it is recommended that you scope out the entire campus and get familiar with where everything is located prior to starting classes.

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

 If you feel like someone around you could potentially be harmful, go with your instincts and contact public safety. Or, if you notice someone else has been put in an unsafe situation, be a good bystander and help them by contacting public safety.

 It’s also important to not let your phones or other devices distract you while you’re walking around campus, especially at night. Being on your phone excessively can distract you from noticing dangerous situations occurring around you.

Stick With People You Trust at Parties

 This is more for students, but if you plan on going to parties, never leave the party alone. Always be sure to stay with at least one friend or person you trust. Never leave a friend alone at a party also because a few things could happen. Even if everyone seems nice, if you don’t know or trust them, it isn’t smart to be alone because you do not know what any of them are capable of.

 This goes for more than just parties, no one should be left to walk alone at night as well. It’s always smarter to stick with at least one of your friends when walking at night or attending parties.

Lock Everything Up!

 Always make sure that your room door is locked, especially if you are sleeping or not in your room. And for staff, always make sure your office/classrooms are locked. There have been many instances where theft has occurred at universities because students and staff didn’t lock their doors or valuable items.

Keep Emergency Contacts Handy

 It's always a good idea to have emergency contacts handy so that if you are in a questionable situation, you have access to friends and family immediately. This tip could really help staff and students access help quicker.

 If you are a student, maybe have a close friend or roommate as one of your emergency contacts as they will likely be able to help you faster since they are on campus. Professors and staff should also have someone they trust that is on campus as well as family members that might live close by.

Preventing Personal Safety is Crucial

 Whether you're a new student or staff member or have been at a university for a few years, it is important to always prioritize safety. There are a few things you could do to put your safety first and protect those around you as well. Always be on the lookout, be smart, and be aware of your surroundings to make sure you’re safe on campus.

 Author Bio: Amanda Filippone is a copywriter for Novella Prep, specializing in college planning and study skills in comprehensive online programs with expert teaching staff.

Preventing Theft

We have discovered a really useful resource on this topic. For a full guide on increasing the safety of your belongings and minimizing the risk of theft, follow this link: How to help prevent theft: a guide for university students.


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